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What Is Gore-Tex? Do I Need It in My Boots?

March 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 215

What is Gore-Tex? And what is it used for?

Many of you may be asking yourself this question, if you are one of those people. I will happily explain.

Gore-Tex has a great history the spans over 2 decades long. It was created by a man named Wilbert gore, and his son Robert gore. The remarkable fabric contained traits that cannot be matched by any over compound on the planet, it has the ability to be completely water proof while still allow water to pass through its microscopic holes.

When this fabric is used in foot ware it creates the perfect pocket of fresh air in your shoes. Keeping your feet cool and letting vapours from your sweat escape. This makes shoes and boots ultimately more comfortable than boots without Gore-Tex. Plus the added factor of being water proof makes it impossible for storms and puddles to give you wet feet, which nobody likes. Walking with wet feet is extremely uncomfortable, as well as being extremely ill advised, due to the added risk of blisters and foot odour.

"But Gore-Tex hiking boots look very expensive, I'm not sure if it's worth the extra money"

Yes, Gore-Tex is expensive there is no way around that. But the simple fact is boots made with Gore-Tex are much higher quality than the boots cheap Wal-Mart brand hiking boots that won't last 2 miles. a cheaper boot costing $40 dollars a pair will be extremely uncomfortable, break after just a few uses end up needing to be replaced every couple of months (depending how much you hike). And with the fact the will likely not be very comfortable hiking will not be very enjoyable and could even put you off the sport.

I might seem a little biased saying this, but I have experienced it myself, I've had cheap boots because I was attracted by the price, and not what was in the boot itself. In the last 5 years I've only needed to replace my hiking boots once and I hike at least every other weekend. The ones I have now I've had for 2 years and they are still at their peak of comfort. I haven't even thought of getting blisters with these babies, there to good. And that's mainly due to the Gore-Tex built in to them; it gives me an unfair advantage ahead of the novice hikers. A better way to think of it is to consider it an investment; you have to pay more money upfront. But as long as you take care of them efficiently they will last for years, meaning you won't have to pay for constant repairs or replacement boots. If you're going to rely on these boots, you might as well get a pair that's worthy of your trust.

Quality brands like Merrel and soloman have Gore-Tex in a large range of their boots. They are not very expensive, compared to some brands out there, but they are ones that I can trust. Gore-Tex hiking boots are defiantly what you are going to need if you plan on hiking regularly, depending on the type of hiking you are going to do i.e. across valleys, or across rocky mountain trails. You are going to need a different type of boot.

If hiking is going to become a regular activity then you will benefit the most from Gore-Tex. As it will protect you from the vast variety of element that you will come into contact with, and giving you that extra advantage over others, conquering a mountain will be a casual stroll for you.

Most waterproof clothing has 2 layers the outside nylon layer and the interior polyurethane layer, this provides the water-resistant trait, but sacrifices and breathability. Gore-Tex replaces the interior layer with a special membrane that has billions of tiny holes that are big enough for air to pass through, but too small for water molecules to seep through.

Once this membrane is attached to another non water proof material, it transforms it to a completely water proof, while still keeping it breathable for air to pass through.

Mathew cage is an experience hiker and tries to steer new hikers in the right direction when joining the sport. having made countless mistakes through trail and error he plans to share what he knows to newcomer and professionals alike, in the hopes everyone can enjoy the thrill of hiking.

Mathews website for goes into further detail on the types of hiking boots on the market.

this article was inspired by this website and hes previous experience with which he has used on many of his adventures.

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