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Osprey Aether: A Serious Pack for Serious Hikers

February 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 164

Osprey Aether hiking backpacks are well-known in the hiking world. They have been used by expert mountaineers as well as casual hikers. Regardless of if you are attempting to summit Everest or just taking a weekend trip in Yellowstone, you should be serious about having a great backpack with a great fit. The Osprey Aether series of packs can give you just that.

What make Aether packs so great? In their eight years of production, they have earned a reputation of being comfortable and durable. They have recently been updated, and now offer more great features than ever. Osprey Aether packs are comfortable in part because they are customizable. Here's how.

Osprey has developed a great system for getting the best fit for hip belts. This is where most of the weight is placed when you are hiking, so it is important that there are no places that rub uncomfortably. Osprey's dealers have been outfitted with a special heating chamber in which the hip belt is placed. It is then put around you warm (not hot) and you wear the pack for about 20 minutes while it cools. This molds the hip belt to your hips. No sore spots ever again!

An Aether pack's harness is made of foam that forms to your shape while wearing it. In addition, the harness can be adjusted easily so it is exactly right for you. And the harness is gender specific so you are guaranteed the proper fit. A third reason Aether packs are comfortable is that they have great suspension. The back panel is made of ridged foam covered in grip mesh. But there are gaps in the foam allowing air to circulate, thus keeping your back cooler.

Aether packs' durability comes from their great design, high quality materials and high quality workmanship. Made of rip-stop nylon and stretch nylon, they won't snag or tear easily. Osprey believes in the design and workmanship of their packs which is evident by their lifetime guarantee against defects. It is nice to know the company stands behind their products.

The great design of Aether packs can be seen in their many features. They include trekking pole attachments, bottom access sleeping bag compartment, tool attachments, both top and panel access, and removable sleeping pad straps. In addition, there are side pockets suitable for water bottles, a front stretch pocket for anything you need to keep handy, and top pocket in the lid of the pack. Last but certainly not least, Aether packs have both side and front compression straps. These keep your load tight and secure giving you the best mobility and balance possible.

Aether packs are great for all serious hikers, regardless of your location or level. They are comfortable and durable. They will not break easily, and if they do, you can rest assured that Osprey will do its best to get you back on the trail as soon as possible.

Elliot Harman is a writer specializing in sports and outdoor gear. You can check out his latest website at Osprey Aether, where he provides more information on all the packs in the Osprey Aether series including the Osprey Aether 70.

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