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Your Transformation From a Physical Body Into a Light Body

July 09, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 147

You are about to experience a gigantic leap in spiritual evolution! Whether you know it or not, your physical body is transforming into a light body.

Do you remember the story of the transfiguration of Jesus? As reported in the New Testament, Jesus and three of his disciples went up to a mountain-top. There Jesus suddenly was transfigured. He became radiant. His face began to shine like the sun and his garments became white as light. The prophets Moses and Elijah appeared at his side, as his disciples watched in awe.

In that moment, Jesus became the Christ. He became a being of light. You may recall that elsewhere he referred to himself as "the light of the world." This same thing is happening to all of us, though perhaps gradually.

Until now, the light within us has been dim. You might say our dimmer switch has been turned way down. Perhaps that is why our lives have often seemed like such a dark mess. Perhaps that is why humanity has lived in the darkness of fear and greed throughout recorded history.

Eons ago, we dwelt in light bodies in the spirit realms. Then at some point, we decided to descend into the physical dimension. We wanted to experience the adventure and sensuality of it. But to do this, we had to lower our vibration in what is now called "the fall of man." We created physical bodies in order to live and function in the physical dimension and we then put on these physical bodies, just as astronauts put on space suits to live and function in outer space. We gave up our existence in the spirit realms in order to experience the physical world.

Soon after, we forgot we did this. We forgot what we really were and why we decided to come here. We began to believe that we are the physical bodies we inhabit. With that began the "dark times" which have been the story of our experience here on Earth in our animal bodies.

So what is a light body? How can we come to dwell in such a body? First, I need to mention that various terms are applied to it, but I prefer the term "light body" as it is called in Tibetan Buddhism.

In overall appearance, a light body resembles a physical body with features that seem to be less distinct than those of our physical bodies. But a light body is vastly different from a physical body in its composition and properties. A light body is radiant and normally translucent. It sparkles and glows with predominately white and violet color. It may be invisible to us here in the physical dimension because of its high rate of vibration. It holds an enormous quantity of light compared to a physical body.

A light body possesses other qualities not available to us while we remain in physical bodies. For example, a light body is impervious to disease and environmental threats. It cannot be injured, nor can it age and die as physical bodies do. Unlike physical bodies, a light body is not high-maintenance -- rather, it simply thrives on light. A light body cannot hold negative emotions like fear and anger within it. In a light body, we are much closer to the divine.

In his book The Celestine Prophecy, author James Redfield describes the future of human evolution in what he calls the Ninth Insight. He says that, if we so choose, we will be able to raise our vibration to a level where we become invisible to those not making the same choice. In so doing, we will be able to cross the barrier separating us from the spirit realms at will. But to maintain this level of vibration, we will need to abolish fear.

During meditation, I have often visited "the other side of the veil" where I have encountered many light beings. These light beings have normally taken on the appearance of a physical form, allowing me to relate to them in the same way we relate to each other through our physical forms here in the physical world. But on one occasion, my primary spirit guide suddenly allowed me to see him as he really is -- a being of light. And in that same moment and to my surprise, I also saw myself as a being of light.

For most of us, the transformation from a physical body into a light body is a gradual process that varies from person to person. A combination of personal effort and divine grace seem to bring it about. This divine grace is showing up in the form of vast amounts of light now pouring into the Earth. This inflow of light is causing changes in our cells and DNA, which will allow us to hold more light within our physical bodies. As this upgrade occurs, we may feel a sensation of electrical current or vibration. Or we may feel nothing at all.

But we certainly can activate and accelerate the process using the many spiritual practices available to us -- practices such as meditation, chakra work, creative visualization, elimination of toxic substances from our physical bodies, and energy exercises like chi gong, just to mention a few. At the beginning of every Spirit Quest meeting, we do a simple energy exercise designed to bring more light into us. I do this same exercise when I wake up every morning. As we seek enlightenment, we are, in effect, activating our light bodies. And as we continue to do this, many of us will choose to become light workers, striving to bring even more light into the world.

The physical dimension we dwell in is ascending. In preparation for this ascension, the Earth is experiencing energetic changes that are affecting us profoundly, whether we know it or not. To ascend with the Earth, we need to activate our light bodies. It is our evolutionary destiny.

In November 2008, Roy Smith created Spirit Quest, a spiritual discussion group, which continues to meet today. You can visit the group's website here: He is an active blogger on all things spiritual. To go to his blogsite, click here: He invites you to join the quest for spiritual knowledge and wisdom and become a part of the global awakening.

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