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Who Said Faith Was Easy?

February 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 120

I like this word. It also means confidence, trust and assurance. For me, all of those words evoke a powerful feeling. Yet many of us (yes, me included) often do not have enough faith in ourselves to let go and reach for what we want...what we really want.

For many of my clients it is because they do not feel confident in themselves. They aren't sure, they want to make the 'right' decisions, they don't want to say no, or they don't want to hurt someone's feelings. I could go on, but I won't because I think you get it. Therefore many stay stuck, unhappy, unfulfilled and oftentimes depressed by their lives rather than uplifted and living the life of their dreams.

Sure, there are things going on in their lives that they believe they have to deal with or tolerate and live with. Yet, what they eventually come to realize is that those are stories they told themselves for one reason or another to justify their unwillingness to change. Often it leads back to the fact that they didn't have the faith in themselves to stand up and say "I am not going to live like this anymore!" So what happens? They learn to have faith in themselves and also in others. They discover that they don't have to suffer and they can be happy. That realize they are the leaders of their lives and when they decide to take steps -- even just one small step -- to get what they want, they find faith in themselves. It's freeing for them and opens up a whole new life!

Once my clients find the faith in themselves to allow in the confidence, trust and assurance to shine, they never go back to their old ways of being. The beauty is that once you have faith and allow yourself to let go and reach for what you want, you usually get it and so much more! Sometimes, you don't even know what you want and you end up with something even better than you expected!

There is a saying "jump and the net will appear". Yes, that takes a lot of faith, doesn't it? You're probably thinking, "If only it were that easy, I would have jumped years ago." Well, those years have passed, and so too have opportunities and experiences that you won't be able to get back. Stop that cycle right now. If you are still feeling the fear, I encourage you to start small, just a small jump - I'll even do it with you. Start by telling yourself that no longer will you be held back by anything and that you will have the faith in yourself to jump into living the life you want!

What are you going to do this week that requires faith in yourself? Let me know, I'd love to hear it!

Kim Ravida, owner and founder of Kim Ravida Coaching, is a Certified Professional Coach and a personal and professional motivation mentor. Kim motivates people to stop beating themselves up and helps them get off their butts so that they maximize their time and energy to quickly get what they want in their lives... and love their reflection! Kim produces a weekly ezine where she shares insights, inspirations, tips and ideas for setting and reaching personal and professional goals. To get more information or sign up, please go to

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