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What is Spiritual Growth?

June 28, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 112

What is Spiritual Enquiry? What motivates a person's drive for Spiritual Growth? Alicia Power explores these vital questions so many are asking as our world is on the brink of economic and environmental uncertainty.

You may possibly have had a scary moment when you were a small child. Did you ever wonder about ghosts, or spirit beings? Strangely this may have been the first time you thought about the world of spirit... and your first moment of spiritual enquiry!

When we talk about 'Spiritual Growth' I believe we have a distant memory of being in spirit form ourselves - before we were born. And our longing to remember this part of us drives our enquiry about spirituality.


An interesting quality of true spiritual enquiry is that it often does not conform to external frameworks or external systems. In my experience your evolution in your spiritual growth is not bound by structure.

Thus your early conversations about spiritual growth with friends may often be hesitant, as you are delving into the unknown.

Many people in the world choose to use a religious framework for their spiritual development. However, my personal opinion is that beyond all religions something much larger calls the deepest part of you to enquire and to search. 

Spiritual Growth Key #1:

From my experience, it is essential to TRUST that deepest non-structured part of you that can FEEL the essence of truth. Trust what feels right for you - and use your inner gauge. It will guide you brilliantly.

Spiritual Growth Key #2:

There is something IN YOU that is longing and searching. And - there is something very real waiting to be found...

Both of these elements are being drawn together as if by a magnet. This is what is motivating your spiritual enquiry.


In summary, I will describe what is happening here in very simple terms, so that you understand that your hunger and longing are real - and can be satisfied.

Inside your mind and higher consciousness (that you yet may not be in touch with) are aspects of you that come from the world of spirit.

From my direct experience over several decades, we all originate from that higher spirit realm.

Similarly, when a person dies they will return to that world, where their spirit self will rediscover its original form.

While you are human, it is this spirit self, vast, wise and divine that is longing to find its origins.

This is spiritual growth. The search for your true HIGHER divine nature.

You may like to check out more free training and my "Meet Your Soul" video training course - click here:

Alicia M Power is an international Soul Coach with 44,000 twitter followers and 34 years experience as a spiritual adviser.

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