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The Spiritual Cast System and The Real Meaning of The Family Tree

July 07, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 164

Don't worry! I didn't make a typo. The title is absolutely correct. There is a spiritual cast system that exists in the world today. Before you read on. It is important to know that I am not going to talk about the social caste system. We've all heard about the poverty, the rigid divisions of social classes, the inability for upward mobility, and the lack of opportunities that stunt production and growth.

However, I am going to talk about the spiritual cast system. This cast system involves us being born into a certain ancestral lineage. We come into this world, pre-programmed and pre-packaged, with batteries included. We were all given a certain amount of energy (ashe) to fulfill our mission, calling, or purpose in life.

We actually inherit programs from our ancestors. These programs are in the form of thoughts, behaviors, emotions and memories. They are installed in our DNA and in our genetic code. The double-sided helix represents the ladder, the symbol of ascension that enables us to transcend beyond our basic programming.

But the double-sided helix also represents that chains that bind us. It symbolizes the manacles that attach us to family members, even to relatives that we can't stand, like Uncle Mike the jailbird and cousin Tammy, the drunk. It is difficult to break ties from family members because we all share one common link, our bloodline. What's so bad about the spiritual cast system is that our relatives in previous lives could be our lovers or best friends in present lives. In many situations, we are reincarnated with the same people, with the same bad programing. These are the ancestral links or bloodlines that divides the world into rigid "spiritual classes."

The first spiritual class is the lowest of them all. They are like the untouchables in India, only they create their own misery by allowing themselves to inherit toxic thoughts and ideas. Their bloodlines are tainted. Yet, they are either too stupid or too lazy to do anything about it. These are the people who are completely immobilized, as if both their legs were in a cast. They honestly believe that they have no control over their lives. So they live and die in a mental state of dire poverty. And thus, they become like the beggars who cut off their limbs to plead for meager scraps of food.

The second class has one leg up. They have a little more freedom and believe that they have some control over their lives. These people operate as if they are wearing a single hip spica cast. They have one good leg, but they have no idea what to do with it. These are the people who let opportunities pass them by. These are the people who make it halfway to their destination and quit. These are the people who allow others to dissuade them from their goals. These are the people who don't fully trust themselves because they have inherited beliefs from their bloodline that they are not good enough. These are the people who spend their whole life making lateral moves because they never gain the courage to take the leap forward.

The last class is like the spiritual aristocrats. They are disconnected and oblivious to all of things going on around them. They operate as if their neck was in a cast. They are as itchy and stuffy as the cast that is wrapped around them. Their views of the world are obscure because they can't turn their heads fully to one side or the other. They can only look straight ahead. So they see the world from just one direction. These are the people who have inherited thoughts of entitlement. They have a superiority complex and honestly believe that they have the right to exploit others. They can't turn their heads far enough to see the person who is plotting behind them. So they are utterly surprised when they are dethroned.

We are all born with inherited ideas and beliefs. It is installed in our DNA. However, it is through awareness that we understand the things that inhibits our growth and blocks us from fulfilling our purpose and goals in life. With lots of hard work, we can change the information that is located in our ancestral link and bloodline, and create a world where everyone has an equal chance for growth and the pursuance of opportunities.

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