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The Simple Path to Spiritual Awakening

April 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 124

The path to spiritual awakening really does not have to be complicated. You simply, with an open mind find the practices that you experience a greater awakening into bliss and you practice them.

You should try everything; from yoga breathing exercises, to mantra, to chanting to various methods of meditation and everything in between. And when you find practices that help awaken the divine bliss that is beyond all beliefs and ideas then you follow those practices. You give yourself whole heartedly to them.

Perhaps at first when begin practicing meditation you do not feel bliss, perhaps at first it is difficult, it is challenging, it is uncomfortable. But somewhere in sticking with it, you might recognize something profound happening, something very subtle awakening inside you that attracts you and that attraction will lead you to divine bliss.

And once you find ways to awaken the divine bliss you are home free. Then the door is open to your spiritual awakening.

Whether you find it in repeating the name of a Guru, repeating a mantra, breathing a certain way, practicing a certain meditation technique, no matter what it is if it awakens the bliss then all the teachings will not matter. All of the different philosophies and spiritual debates will become obsolete. The bliss itself leads you to spiritual awakening.

When you let yourself fall into that bliss, then all of your problems and worries will no longer affect you in the same way. Because you have found a method to awaken divine bliss and that bliss transcends everything. That bliss takes you beyond yourself into something that cannot be described in words. It frees you from yourself, it frees you from your worries. Not that you will no longer have worries and problems once you have a spiritual awakening, all of those remain. Yet in being in that bliss, you experience yourself beyond them. You experience a much bigger reality, a limitless reality that is completely free from conflict.

And simply by being in that bliss, everything gets done, everything gets taken care of. It nurtures you and loves you like no person ever can. Divine bliss is intelligent, and it knows what to do to bring you into a greater spiritual awakening.

But don't give it halfway. Don't give your attention a back door to slip away back into doubts and intellectual debate. Once you allow one doubt to creep in you will lose that bliss. You have to be willing to let go of every thought that arises in meditation. You don't have to get rid of thoughts, you simply have to stop holding on to them. You allow them to come and go.

So don't go halfway, don't allow yourself to get lost in thinking and analysis. Rather, give yourself fully to your spiritual practice until there is nothing left to give; until even the spiritual practice goes. Even the bliss may go.

And then there is only what is; the simplicity of the moment. And that is even more delightful than the bliss. And that is spiritual awakening.

The easiest way to awaken divine bliss is through receiving Kundalini Shakti, the enlightened energy vibration given to you by a fully enlightened guru. Just by receiving this Kundalini Shakti, you experience divine bliss and this bliss leads you to spiritual awakening.

You can also receive this same Kundalini Shakti through listening to a unique Kundalini Awakening CD. Simply by listening to some unique meditation music, Kundalini Shakti is awakened in you and you experience bliss. It is this simple.

You can listen to free samples of this Kundalini Shakti music and experience the bliss for yourself by visiting the Kundalini Awakening link below.

Listen to Free Samples of a Kundalini Shakti CD Guaranteed to Deepen Your Meditation & Bliss Visit The Kundalini Awakening Website

For Tons of Free Teachings on Meditation & Spiritual Awakening Visit The Path to Enlightenment Website

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