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Meditate - How To

February 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 125

There are many kinds of meditation. I've talked about several kinds of meditation already, but there are literally thousands upon thousands of meditative techniques, and teachers. Here are some other meditative techniques and little explanation about them.

Vibrational Meditation - In this type of meditation you repeat a particular word or phrase and let vibrations of the word pass through your body. This is an interesting meditation technique for people who are particularly affected by language or sound. You can choose any word really, it could be a Sanskrit word, or an English word, for example, "peace". You can stand, sit, or lie down while doing this meditation, as long as you're relaxed.

Journey Meditation - Journey meditation involves visualizing a calm and peaceful place where you can reside in spirit. In order to be in this place you sometimes write down the things that are troubling you beforehand and promise yourself you'll deal with them at a later date. Other times you might try to visualize your problems and imagine them dissolving in from of you.

Body Scan Meditation - Body scan meditation involves letting your attention float from the tiniest part of your toe and rise all the way through your entire body, paying special attention to any hurt areas or sore areas. The goal is to be aware of these areas and release the tension that is being held in those areas.

Central Channel Meditation - This meditation involves focusing on a beam of light passing into your mind from the point of the crown or top of the head and healing your entire body.

Mantra Meditation - Mantra meditation is similar to vibrational meditation except you are focusing on a phrase instead of just a word, and you are trying to focus on the meaning of the phrase and get lost in it it instead of the vibration or feeling of the word.

Koan Meditation - In Koan meditation the practitioner focuses on a koan (a meaningful puzzle or riddle, for example, "what is the sound of one hand clapping?"). Far from being a meaningless riddle, these koans frequently are created by Zen masters who have reached enlightenment and wish to impart some sort of secret meaning to the seeker through the words. In some monasteries the students are sometimes supposed to give an answer to the Koan in order to prove their wisdom. Sounds hard, doesn't it?

If you would like more information and entertainment, please visit my blog: Thanks, have a good meditation!

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