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Falling Into Place - Part II - Hidden Treasures

July 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 138

When one thinks of treasures, precious metals and stones come to mind. According to the Free Online Dictionary, a treasure is anything or person greatly valued or prized.

The Bible tells us wherever our treasures are; we find our hearts in this place.

There is a treasure worth more than gold, silver, or any material thing, which exists on this earth. No amount of money can buy it. This is "unconditional love".

This love is the "I AM", our Source, our God. We do not have to go deep-sea diving or embark on a never-ending journey to the ends of the earth in order to find this treasure. Neither is it an entity separate from anyone or anything.

For most of us, it is hidden. Our God is not playing some sort of trick on us. As we trod down the many different paths of life, we have allowed this wonderful and infinite treasure to hide under all the challenges life presents to us.

Allowing attachments to our fears is what buries the treasure that is our key to freedom.

By embracing our fears opposed to resisting them, we begin the mining process to our hearts, where this love resides.

We must dig deep within to understand where these fears originate... and begin to heal.

It is said what we resist, will persist. This is why it is imperative to embrace fear.

By embracing our fears, we are giving recognition that it actually exists. On the other hand, becoming attached to it is evident when we find our lives consumed with the fear itself.

Letting go of fear simply unfolds by not allowing the past to prevent us from living in the present moment. Suffice it to say, fear comes from our past experiences.

Every moment counts and when it is gone, it becomes the past and cannot be changed. No matter what we desire, this past exists as an illusion because it no longer exists as each moment passes.

We step out of the past by becoming aware of our thoughts and words. These are the key elements in the process of letting the past go. Although our ego would literally love us to hold on to these experiences, they no longer serve our well-being.

When a hurtful memory presents itself within our mind, recognize it... embrace it... let it go by replacing it with a pleasant or happy memory/thought.

In our conversations, the words we choose create either positive or negative outcomes. The more we practice positive thinking, the more automatic positive words are available to us.

Positive thinking is not an end all, but this will assist us in learning to live in the moment more readily.

Positive affirmations are treasures themselves. Thoughts and spoken words on a daily basis such as:

I am perfect health

I am safe

I am contentment

I am secure

I am love

These are just a few examples which will automatically come to mind where a choice is required in order to face any situation that might be a challenge in our life. In addition, not only we will witness miracles in our life, a tremendous healing will manifest.

Some may think this is impossible to accomplish, but NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE with our God that lies within every one of us. There are NO exceptions!

All one has to lose by practicing this concept is... fear... what you will gain is... awareness of a treasure which will serve you for an eternity.

Understanding this... becomes a simple truth

Falling Into Place is a phrase close to my own heart. Divided into two parts, this is the conclusion of Part I.

Wanda Lawson, Spiritual Writer Please follow me here: and you may follow/like me on my Facebook page:

I love to write and share my experiences in life. Our journeys, I believe, are meant for sharing. Not to dictate how one should live, just offering what has worked for me as considerations.

Simply, follow your heart. Namaste

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