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Can I Go to Hell for Not Forgiving Someone?

February 28, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 156

Can I go to hell for not forgiving someone? The reason why I am addressing this question is because many people hold an unforgiveness and bitterness in their heart that they have carried around with them most of their life. The reasons are sorted and numerous as to why they hold this anger deep within. Those who do this dare not confess to anyone, that which is sacred to them and would prefer going to the grave before telling a soul. We have all been hurt by someone for some reason or another, but for some of us, we decide to hold on to the circumstances that surrounded the event in question rather than confront the individual and be done with it. It is tragic when this occurs, because the individual who has decided not to resolve the issue has determined through their own rational, that the other person does not deserve their forgiveness. Whatever the circumstances may have been, it is generally accepted, that to hold something against another person and not forgive them, is to allow that person to have power over the former.

I have addressed in my article, "Can I go to hell for Adultery?" about forgiving another. My personal motivation to forgive was more about glorifying Jesus in me than about power or control one had over me. Everyone deals with this issue differently and when ultimately confronted with the task of going to someone and asking for their forgiveness or letting another know that you forgive them, what comes out must come from the heart. If you are not genuine about how you come across, you will regret it, "Be true to thyself." The reason I say this is because, the freedom you experience by letting go is real and life changing. I personally drove to the person's home and stood out on his driveway and looked him in the eye and boldly spoke from my heart that I had forgiven him. The emotions were still raw from hearing the news just weeks before, but I knew what the spirit was moving me to do. I did not feel any initial relief from the experience afterward, but eventually I did and I believe that is why the Lord convicted me to go forward and do this.

It is not looked on favorably by society to forgive another in the way I have described. If this were the case, than more would be experiencing the inner freedom that it offers and they would be speaking out about it's transforming power. It is radical on the surface and people don't do radical anymore. We are closed up to each other and we want to do just enough to ease the pain, but not totally remove it, i.e. "just the drugs please." Don't misunderstand me in thinking it was easy to forget. It was easier to forgive than to forget what my wife did. This was because I was the one who was ultimately at fault for not taking care of the responsibilities that were under my care, namely my family. This too is something that society looks at and murmurs. If someones commits adultery, than it is automatically assumed that divorce is justified and therefore reconciliation is no viable consideration and this is unfortunate.

The reason we love is because Christ first love us, "We love because he first loved us." 1 John 4:19 The reason why we should forgive is because Christ first forgave us and showed us the meaning of forgiveness in the most dramatic way. We can't go to hell for not forgiving someone, but we must look seriously at ourselves as to whether the reason for not is really worth all the hell we put ourselves through. No one can truly forgive, unless they understand and believe that they have been forgiven. This is not a two way street and the destination never ends up where you come out being right...ever!

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Can I Go To Hell For Not Forgiven Someone

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