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Authors Who Will Challenge and Change the Way You View Reality

April 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 159

In all periods of history, there will always be a handful of authors who courageously push the boundaries of the way we perceive reality.As humanity undergoes the current galactic shift, it is vital that you discover the writings of these important thinkers who act as catalysts for the evolution of human consciousness.

These messengers of previously unknown or unexplored areas of knowledge have not always been welcomed as heroes and heroines, especially when their topics were metaphysical or occult (hidden) in nature.They often walk lonely paths, littered with skepticism, ostracism and condemnation.

Do not judge too hastily when reading their books and, more importantly, do not be afraid to follow the truth, no matter where it may take you.The truth may be a precious commodity but it is never fragile and it welcomes closer inspection!

The following authors will definitely challenge your view of reality.This list is far from complete but it will give you a good start in your search for truth.

  • RICHARD BARTLETT - a chiropractor and the founder of Matrix Energetics.Bartlett's approach to healing, reality and so-called miracles is totally out-of-the-box and requires no special training or rigid rituals.
  • ITZHAK BENTOV - an engineer who explores the quantum nature of the universe in a light, easily accessible manner.Underneath his humorous approach, resides a brilliant mind, unafraid to explore the very edge of the known universe in search for a workable model of reality and consciousness.
  • GREG BRADEN - author of several inspiring books about our interconnectedness through a universal web of energy.Braden's books cover a holistic range of topics, from prayer and healing to the nature of time and the matrix of creation.
  • DAVID ICKE - unflinchingly reexamines and dissects many of the previously unquestioned "sacred cows" of our illusory reality. The range of his writing is encyclopedic and unapologetic, questioning practically every institution generated and supported by the vibratory matrix prison.
  • ROBERT MONROE - an American businessman who possessed the unique ability to move his consciousness out of his physical body at will and to remember those experiences.Monroe wrote three groundbreaking books which map the non-physical territories and explore the hidden nature of reality, from parallel modes of existence to the after-death experience and reincarnation.
  • ZECHARIA SITCHIN - writes about the sprawling saga of extraterrestrial intervention in human origins.This author has translated previously unknown Sumerian tablets in order to piece together the long-hidden history of humanity and civilization.
  • WHITLEY STRIEBER - has unflinchingly documented his close encounters with unidentified, possibly extraterrestrial beings.Strieber's retelling of his so-called alien experiences is often unsettling and cannot be ignored in our quest for truth, especially in view of current UFO phenomena.
  • MICHAEL TALBOT - one of the pioneers in proposing a holographic universe.Talbot takes the research of earlier thinkers a step further as he describes an inclusive model for reality, one that is able to encompass previously unexplained paranormal phenomena.
  • MICHAEL TELLINGER - like Zecharia Sitchin, has researched extraterrestrial intervention and manipulation as the basis for human origins.Tellinger provides fresh insights into the interpretation of human DNA, concluding that humans were originally created to be laborers and slaves for more technologically advanced beings.
  • THREE INITIATES - anonymous writers of The Kybalion, a concise compendium of laws purporting to be based on ancient Hermetical Truths.Whoever the real authors are, this volume reveals important universal laws which are currently being confirmed by quantum science and which impact of the way we create our reality.

Keep an open mind - and an open heart - as you explore the outer limits of your current understanding of reality, while reading these authors.Put aside your skeptic's hat for the moment because you will soon need to apply a similar dose of (healthy) skepticism to your old paradigms and previously sacred beliefs.

As you loosen the scaffolding of your old, comfortable paradigms, rest assured that you will not fall into some dark, bottomless abyss!Instead, you will simply join the growing ranks of uncompromising seekers of truth and knowledge who are already soaring into unbounded flight.

Edwin Lopez has spent years of research on the hidden nature of reality creation and now teaches others how to consciously manifest their desires with consistency. This once hidden knowledge is detailed in an e-book about the ancient secret of Light. If you have ever wondered why bad things sometimes happen to good people or why popular law of attraction methods do not always work, visit Affiliate program is also available for earning a generous commission.

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