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A Prophetic and Inspirational View of the Future

April 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 175

I'm not in general a big fan of "inspirational" sorts of novels. The Angels' Footpath (subtitled: Let's Take This Walk Together) by Ronald R. Cooke goes beyond the usual definition of what an "Inspirational" novel is, and like LeHayne's Left Behind series, it crosses over into the science fiction genre with its vivid depictions of a future filled with turmoil where revolution is in the air. As is often the case, where political strife is prevalent, there is also religious strife, and people of religious faith feel as if their faith is being challenged. With the End Times upon us, there is born an infant with a special gift to a Hispanic couple whose names (Josue and Mari) are derivations of Joseph and Mary from the Bible. Will their child, like Jesus, prove to be "the Light of the World"? Is their infant, whom they name Ricardo Juan Sanchez Vasquez," the Second Coming of Christ; or, is he someone entirely different, either an important Prophet or perhaps even the Antichrist?

Cooke's compelling and impressive writing style makes you want to continue reading late into the night, to discover the answers to the questions he brings up and to learn more about the early life and transformation of Ricardo into a religious leader of the Christian faithful. We read in the very first chapter about Ricardo's long-anticipated birth to his loving parents, and also that a mysterious "old man with a weathered face" in the fields hears the newborn's cries, and says: "It is done."

Rick (as Ricardo comes to be called) grows up with his best friend, Phillip. They ride horses together and go to school together and play football and eventually go on to college and even working together.

He and Phillip have their own quite prosperous computer ISP business, but it gets hacked. Just when the two friends think they have the problem settled, the economy takes a steep downturn and America falls into a deep recession. Health care becomes run totally by the government, unemployment is at its highest level ever, and there is a drastic shortage of fuel. The scenario that Ronald writes about seems to sadly be the way the country is currently headed. This eerie prescience adds a further element of realism to The Angels' Footpath similar to the also prophetic novel by George Orwell, 1984.

Rick's and Phillip's business is targeted to be taken over by the government. The government is taking over ISP businesses and are intent on destroying Rick's and Phillip's company. Goons are sent to intimidate them and come close to beating some of their employees to death. It's around this time that Rick is awoken to who he really is and he decides to bring a new sort of gospel, a message of hope, peace, and love to everyone.

The Angels' Footpath is a moving and captivating novel that seems to prophetically evoke what is happening in America and around the world today. Ronald R. Cooke brings his characters to life for his readers with his vivid and descriptive writing style. There are both very kind and good characters, and some who are downright mean and nasty in Cooke's novel, just as there are in real life. If you like reading novels about spiritual journeys that are also sure to increase your faith, I'd highly recommend that you check out The Angels' Footpath and see for yourself what a fantastic author Ronald R. Cooke is. Read it, and perhaps get a glimpse into America's future!

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