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Tips for Speed Reading

May 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 217

The average reading speed is 250 words per minute. Most people are quite happy with that, but there's no reason why you can't easily read at 300 words per minute without making any big changes to the way that you read.

Being able to read just a few extra words per minute faster will lift up your words per minute score dramatically.

If you're reading speed is below average it might not because you're just a slow reader but because you've got in to some bad habits that slow you down.

Here's some simple tips that are so simple to do, yet not many people use these methods while reading.

  • Use your finger, a pencil, a pen, a bookmark or anything you want to keep your eyes focused on the text you want to read. Just move your finger over the words in the sentence your reading. Keep your eye in front of your finger as you move it across the page.
  • The start and end of a paragraph usually contain the important parts, so focus mostly on these parts.
  • Try to learn to skip over words like "the" "and" etc. Words like those appear so often in text but their not important enough to spend any time on them!
  • Keep a track of your reading speed. About once a week test yourself to see how many words you can read in a minute. Just doing this alone can increase your reading speed.
  • Don't re-read every sentence. It sounds stupid but most of us with out even realising read the same lines more than once. We're so used to doing it we don't even notice.

There's nothing more simple than doing what's in the tips above. Even doing one or two of them will help you read faster. Once you get in to the habit you'll do it automatically and won't notice you're doing anything but you'll still be able to read quicker.

Possibly the most important tip I can give is the one about keeping a track of your reading speed. Even if you don't do any of the rest of them you should do that one if you're wanting to increase your reading speed with minimum effort! Seeing your words per minute increase a bit ever week will encourage you to read faster next week. If your reading speed goes down you feel encouraged to do better for next time. It really works, so do it!

I'm an above average reader. I can read at 527 words per minute. I'm no expert on the subject but because I can read so fast I'm in a good position to help other people increase their reading speed.

I've got a site that gives 10 tips for speed reading here 10 tips for speed reading

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