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Speed Reading In A Nutshell

December 13, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 121

Speed reading offers individuals who become proficient at it a variety of benefits. Speed reading students will find that learning to read faster can help them in numerous ways, especially in helping them attain better grades.

I am going to assume that you are pretty much fed up with your slow reading speed and you are ready to advance forward to fast speed reading. Slow reading is keeping you from doing the things that you could be doing quicker and possibly holding you back in so many areas of your life.

Imagine that you have got to study for an exam and you have 100 pages of notes to go through this evening. It would be so nice to go through them all in a matter of minutes instead of hours and retain everything that you have just read.

You surely can do that if you take the time to learn how to speed read. To learn to speed read can be an invaluable asset in your future personal and educational advancements.

Being able to read more, in a shorter amount of time would definitely make it possible for students to cover more information than they normally would be able to. Consequently, speed reading makes you better prepared for homework assignments and tests.

Being able to read faster can also help people in their personal life. People who enjoy reading will be able to read more books in less time. Lastly, it can be helpful at the workplace in helping to improve efficiency.

To help individuals interested in learning how to improve the rate in which they read, we have listed a number of speed reading tips below.

Practice Special Exercises

There are certain exercises that are designed to help individuals increase the rate in which they can read. These exercises help to build speed. However, vast improvement will not happen overnight. Individuals have to learn the right exercises and then practice them consistently.

Read in Chunks

Reading in chunks simply means to read lots of words at once, rather than reading a single word at a time like most people do. The latter can be incredibly slow.

Avoid Mouthing the Words

This can also slow readers down. Rather than mouthing the words when reading, individuals should read several words at once while making an effort not to mouth them.

Keep Track of All Progress

The only way for a person to know whether or not they are becoming a faster reader is to track their progress. They will need to measure how fast they read prior to speed training and then after undergoing training. It is possible to utilize software for this purpose.

Set Benchmarks

Having benchmarks in place can be very helpful. It encourages readers to practice and gives them something to strive for.

Visit an Optometrist

Some people are unable to read fast because they have poor eyesight. A pair of eyeglasses or contacts could make all of the difference in the world.

Speed reading offers individuals a wide range of benefits, both personally and professionally. Students can benefit from increasing the rate in which they read. Improved grades and less time spent studying are two of the primary benefits. Workers can improve their efficiency at the office and book lovers can do more of what they love in less time.

Speed Reading is such an interesting concept. Amazing accomplishment toward your reading skills. You can learn more and the how to at

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