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Reading Fast: How To Develop The Habit

September 28, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 125

Many people treat reading as one of their primary hobbies. However, they don't elaborate on what they like to read. Going through detective novels and comic books is different from reading editorials and massive presentations. It's the latter that helps you more on professional front. However the former prepares you into being a thorough reader.

Abby Marks Beale has penned a significant book 10 Days to Faster Reading in this regard. If you inculcate habit of reading fast, you will not only cover more grounds than the rest, you will automatically learn more within a set time period.

Make the brain relay, not stop

If you are a consistent, though slow, reader, you can still gather a lot of important information about different things. However, if you gain speed in reading, your brain would relay the message faster. For example, if you know the phrase 'sooner rather than latter', whenever the phrase comes, your mind involuntarily reads it in no time. There are countless other passages and phrases which a knowledgeable person will read and comprehend faster. It naturally translates into quick reading. Knowledge and good vocabulary are essential and quick reading helps you gain a lot.

The number of words you know is quite important. If you have heard of 'chiaroscuro', you will not only read it smoothly, you will also relate it with the relevant paragraph. However, if you are ignorant of this word, you will remain confused when it comes up and this slows down your reading speed. There is no scarcity of hard words and phrases and if you are not versed with them, you will surely find reading a boring venture.

Certain techniques to follow

You can try out following the movement of your fingers or a pencil while reading. When your fingers rush through a line, your impulse makes you rush too. You can start with sets of different-lined paragraphs and compare your variable speed. If you take logical time with big and small paragraphs, you are transforming into a good reader. That is, if you take 30 seconds for an 8-line paragraph, you should take a minute for a 16-line paragraph. When you reach that perfection, you can initiate into paragraphs from uninteresting subjects and assess your speed with these ones.

A good reader reads 400 or more words per minute. His brain becomes an auto-responder to written content. You will find that with time, you retain knowledge a lot better. This is bound to help you in your professional goals.

Skipping in order to learn

The book also exhorts you to learn the art of skipping useless portions of written content. Many novels have segments, which can be altogether neglected. With practice, you learn to altogether ignore these extracts. This is a natural habit for a voracious reader; helping him to read more and more in his pastime.

Jeff Benwell is the author of the blog, Books That Can Change Your Life. In his book, he shares his ideas on 10 days to faster reading. Visit his blog to know more.

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