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Better Speed Reading Strategies

May 17, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 161

Research shows that there is a big connection involving reading rate and reading understanding.

Some people read swiftly and comprehend effectively; others read little by little and comprehend badly. For that reason, there is some reason to consider that the items leading to slow reading are also uneasy in lowered comprehending.

Wise understanding depends on whether you can extract and sustain the crucial views that you've read, not on how fast you read them. If you can do this fast, then your reading speed can be increased. If you pair fast-reading with worrying about comprehending, your reading pace will drop because the mind is occupied with your fears and you are not paying attention to the opinions that you are reading. But, if you focus on the aim of reading (obtaining primary thoughts and finding answers to your inquiries), your pace and knowledge really should increase. Your concern should be not with how fast you can get through a chapter alone, but with how immediately you can notice the facts and ideas that you desire.


Knowledge during speed reading is simpler than during standard reading. This is because the mind is active in search of information, not rereading phrases and sentences. The average reader spends about 1/6th of the time rereading text words than truly reading them. Rereading words interrupts the flow of comprehension and slows down the activity, that's why the habit of it should be taken out. How to realize easily? Scan the chapter first. Determine the sections to which the author devotes the most amount of space - what where the text focuses. If there are lots of diagrams for a special subject, then that must also be an significant concept. If you're really under time pressure, you can skip the sections to which the minimum amount of space is dedicated. Take notice on headings and read the first sentence of every paragraph more meticulously than the rest of the paragraph. The greatest concept is have a tendency to situated there. Read the important parts and the main ideas. Focus on nouns and main propositions in each sentence. Look for the noun-verb combinations, and focus the mind on these. Then, close the book and ask yourself what you now know about the subject that you didn't know before you started.

Reducing Skip Backs

Crucial: Don't reread the same phrases from the text! Poor readers read and reread the same phrase over and over again. This habit of making "regressions" doubles or worse triples reading time and often does not even result in better comprehension. A single careful, attentive speed reading may not be always enough for completely understanding the subject you are reading, but is often more beneficial than constant regressions in the middle rate of a reading. It is best to work on paying closer attention and doing a preview first before the careful reading. To help reduce the number of times that the eyes goes back to a previous word or sentence, run a pointer along the line as you read. This could be a finger, a pen or any pointed material. Your eyes will follow the tip of your pointer, smoothing the flow of speed reading. The speed at which you read using this method will largely depend on the speed at which you move the pointer; so if you want to speed up your reading, you also have to increase your pointing rate.

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