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5 Key Strategies For Reading To Improve Fluency

April 20, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 180

Fluent readers have the capacity to read with accuracy, expression and speed, whilst getting the full understanding of the text. Today, there are many strategies available to help persons with fluency issues, whether they are reading silently or orally. The following article will highlight five of the key strategies for reading.

5 Key Strategies for Reading to Improve Fluency

1. Repetitive oral reading:

This type of reading is usually done on a one-on-one basis to help the reader improve his or her vocabulary and fluency. Repetitive oral reading can be an activity for an adult and child or children paired together in a classroom setting. For this exercise, an adult would choose a text with about 50 words. The child will read the selected text out loud several times, while the adult provides guided feedback which focuses on different components of fluency. The child's fluency level should increase after each reading. In the end, he or she should acquire the necessary skills to read the selected text out loud with the right level of fluency.

2. Guided oral reading:

This strategy is said to be the most effective tool to improve fluency, because it can help readers to develop word recognition and accuracy skills. This activity will require an adult to work one-on-one with a child. In this activity, the adult's role is to guide the child in applying the right strategies to understand the selected text instead of constantly correcting their abilities to read orally. In addition, if the child is reading without expressions the adult should ask guiding questions to help elicit the appropriate emotions for certain words.

3. Choral reading:

This is one of the most important strategies for reading to improve fluency. Choral reading allows children to read together, which is beneficial for the ones who are less fluent because they can follow the fluent readers to learn more. This learning tool is very powerful, especially for persons who need help with poetry reading.

4. Readers' theatre:

This reading strategy will work really well when used as an activity for a small group or an entire class. In readers' theatre, readers will learn how to perform dramatic scripts using just their voices. Generally, individuals will be assigned special roles and are given a chance to read the script silently. After that, they would read the script out loud while concentrating on fluency. During this exercise, teachers usually guide students to use the appropriate phrasing, expression and pacing. This strategy will be more effective when the group is reading the script out loud several times, since this will give them multiple practicing opportunities to read fluently.

5. Audio books:

The use of audio books will play a vital role when it comes to bridging the gaps between decoding and understanding. Generally, persons with a low level of fluency or those who are always struggling to read can benefit from listening to text when it's read out loud. These days, children who listen to audio books will quickly pick up on the appropriate prosody and speed for the reading task and can identify words more accurately.

Overall, the strategies for reading provide activities to improve fluency and comprehension skills. There are additional resources available if you want to find out more about the different reading strategies.

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