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Putting It All Together: Creating and Starting Your Own Highly Successful Pre-School

February 20, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 104

Putting it all together and creating the life you want by starting your own highly successful preschool!

We've discussed the mental foundation that anyone trying to accomplish anything great should establish for themselves.

This mental preparedness will carry you throughout your entire life, allowing you to see that the big challenges or the small challenges as not so big at all.

However, if you happen stumble along the way, I encourage you to see it for what it is... a simple test results.

Also keep focused on what is just on the other side of each test result... a life crammed full of freedom and benefits!

Once you see the benefits you can start to calculate the dollar figures to create stability. (All while making a difference in the lives of the children you teach!)

We've seen that by starting your own preschool you can make a substantial income by only dedicating just a small amount of time. About 12 hours a week would be more than enough to produce hefty yearly revenue.

In fact, imagine what making an extra $40,560.00 a year means to you.

• You'd finally be home with your children like you planned;

• You could pay off some of the credit cards bills that are piling up each month;

• Maybe you'd finally start the college fund for your kids will be counting on;

• Maybe the new car you've been eying, it's now within your reach;

• Or maybe, you can go on that family vacation to Disney World you've been promising your kids without worrying about money...

I'll bet that would change your life, too!

Really, when you seriously consider the power of starting your own preschool surrounded by excited clients waiting to enroll... It's pretty simple to see you can make a small fortune, and your kids are able to enjoy it with you.

Now that you've seen how laying a mental foundation is so important and the income will quickly follow, now is the time where you get the clients to support your number crunching income calculations.

As a quick review, you can use...

• Internet marketing (where a large audience has access to you) and relationships can be built and maintained.

• Word of mouth advertising is very powerful and has the strength to carry you through the toughest of economic times because nothing drives success more than a solid allegiance of "friends" looking to help you succeed because of the quality you offer them.

People gravitate to the security you provide their children and will support you and want to see you succeed, driving your school to the next level. (It's a wonderful give and take!)

• And of course, local marketing. This is where you keep your school in the public eye. It will always benefit you to let the local parents know that you are there and encourage them come see what you have to offer their children.

Also keeping visible within the community around you by participating in local events will show your willingness to make an additional investment in the community you serve, driving more business and respect to your door step. And then you must choose a curriculum...

Choosing a curriculum for your students is equally important as the first few steps because the education the children receive in your care will carry them throughout the remainder of their life...

So understanding your students and the curriculum to match is a must. No big worries though, it's why I am here, to make sure you are provided with the proper proven curriculum that has been tested by time and successfully used by me for years.

Once you have no fear, you market your preschool, and determine the proper curriculum you are ready to implement the proper classroom management.

Practicing proper classroom management will virtually ensure your days run smoothly and the children learn the skills they need for life. Remember proper planning and organization will deliver the best possible result when your school day is in full swing.

Create routines so the children learn to stay organized and understand the importance of structure. In the end they will benefit from this practice and so will the preschool you run!

You will see as you get started in your journey that starting your own preschool will be smooth and easier than you ever imagined!

Why I Started a Day Care?

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