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In Her Own Little World - Of Poor Spelling, Difficult Reading, and Slow Math

February 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 109

And here is how I advised this mother:

Be prepared for the fact that you may totally reject what I think, because it's totally unconventional and none of the mainstream educators anywhere in the world know how to deal with this, hence their "try harder etc." recommendations which cover all, yet don't cover anything. But if what you'll read here does happen to align with your belief systems, you'll see that my approach is totally commonsense and will make you realize why this is all happening. So here it goes:

Firstly I'd suggest that you forget all the fancy labels such as neuro-whatever-tosis etc. and especially the label learning disability. These labels are just labels and mean nothing for your daughter's progress in life if your daughter is wrecking her brains every night, yet still failing. Also, the word disability is indeed the most disabling - especially for you, the parent, and yes, I've already expanded on this topic in this entry of this blog, so I'd strongly advise that you make a habit of totally excluding this word from your vocabulary for the rest of your life and, if you must, replace it with the word difficulty which suggests that a difficulty is difficult now, but once worked through, will become easy and thus nonexistent. In my humble opinion there's absolutely nothing wrong with your daughter other than the fact that she has, at a very young age somewhere along the timeline of life, learnt the wrong strategy for spelling, reading, and math, and is now applying that wrong strategy across all learning, because, one can't really blame her, that strategy is the only one she has ever known! There's no wonder she's failing Spanish, English, reading, spelling, and math, because all of these are visual activities and your daughter is tying to crack them auditorily! Of course that's not gonna work! If we take a commonsense closer look at just one of all these activities, spelling, we'll see that all good spellers spell visually. This means that if you ask them to spell 'cat', they'll see the words in their imagination before they feel it's right and read it out loud. If your daughter doesn't have the picture in her mind's eye of what the word cat looks like when written down, there's no way she can dream of spelling it, because sound goes in time [like a piece of music] and therefore can get muddled up by the brain and get twisted, duplicated, or bits forgotten, while a picture is all in front of you all at one fraction of a second when you look at it. A picture is in this sense much more factual for the brain than is sound and this is why the brain finds pictures much easier to pick up and remember [which explains why the visual memory is the most reliable of all sensory types of memory].

What your daughter is dealing with is immensely common and in fact happens to zillions of people around the world, especially those poor creatures who are now of the older generations and happened to be taught English via phonics instead of visually. These folks have exactly the same problem as does your daughter and every time one of them comes to work with me and I tell him/her that s/he needs to pack up the auditory strategy and retrain the brain to learn and make a habit of visualizing everything, the person goes "OMG! How the heck did I not think of that?"

So, the first step is to teach your daughter to visualize words, numbers, and the content of what she reads. The second step is to practice for as long as it takes to reach the 3rd step: making it a life-long habit. If you wish to have your daughter work with me on this, I'll insist that you're sitting in the session and witnessing how I teach your daughter to visualize words, numbers, and the content of read material, so that YOU too learn and are able to work with her in future. By the way, the fact that she simply lacks the visual strategy for life is beautifully confirmed in what you say about her not having a perception of passing time and having poor organizational skills. If we again take a commonsense look at these two issues, they both need visualization. Would you be able to organize a party for 20 people without having a visual mindmap of where, when, what, how, why, and with whom would happen at the party? Also, would you know that you had homework to do if you didn't have it visually coded in your brain for the day, just in the same way as you would have a visit to the dentist or going shopping? I hope this is now all beginning to make more sense. And my last remark on this is that intelligence and visualization are only linked to the extent that because a picture holds a lot of information in front of you within the fraction of a second during which the eye looks at it [as opposed to sounds going in time like a piece of music], visual people take information in much faster and remember it much better, which contributes to them being "more" intelligent. But the IQ quotients have nothing to do with how visual one is.

International NLP Coach & global expert in using the tools of NLP, Energetic NLP, & visualization in helping individuals with literacy-related and other learning difficulties unlearn them without difficulties

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