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Autism - The Benefits of In-Home Care

February 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 147

Families who have an Autistic child or children generally receive state funded in-home one on one therapeutic services until the age of three. The therapy of choice is called Applied Behavioral Application or ABA. They are then expected to attend a special-ed class with or without an aide or as it is euphemistically called a "shadow". If they are lucky, the shadow will follow them in school until the age of six or seven. Unfortunately, as most families will tell you, it just is not enough. The amount of therapy needed to teach each skill is daunting. Realistically, skill based therapy and custodial care may be necessary for the lifetime of the child.

With most states scrambling to cut costs, many of the social and educational programs are being hit hardest. The recommended number of hours for a child to benefit from ABA therapy is 35- 40 hours a week. Even if a child is lucky enough to receive the full "dose", there are many more hours in the days and week where the child is left on their own. When that happens, most autistic children engage in repetitive behaviors which are counter-productive to their progress and recovery. It is very difficult for families to constantly perform the required necessary therapy.

Autism is a developmental disorder which usually appears before a child is three years old. Some characteristics of autism are; impaired communication skills, social withdrawal, repetitive behaviors, and difficulty making eye contact. Over the last decade, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of diagnosed cases of autism.

Additional help for after school and weekends is how many families cope with the demands of raising an autistic child. Lay people can be trained to reinforce many of the activities performed in the daily therapeutic sessions. They can also keep the child busy with normal daily activities such as taking a walk, mealtime, etc. They can provide the necessary respite for a household which is under constant strain.

Finding the right person to work with your child is, of course, very important. You hope that the individual will be compassionate, conscientious, enthusiastic, and receptive to your instructions. College students, especially those who are majoring in psychology or education, may be excellent candidates. Nanny placement agencies may also have individuals who worked for families with an autistic child and bring previous training and experience to the mix. There are also volunteer organizations that may be able to provide you with some extra assistance. The difference it may make for your child and your family is immeasurable.

Naomi Moskowitz would like to hear your suggestions and tips. Visit me on my Loving Care website at Submit your questions and comments with your name and e-mail address.

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