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More Creative Spam To Be Found On Craigslist

June 01, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 114

Most of the spam that appears unbidden in your long-suffering inbox is pretty much of a type. You find several great offers on Viagra, a number of promises to enhance key portions of your anatomy and notices from lotteries throughout the world that you have won enormous sums of money if you will only pay attention. Oh, there is the occasional request from a friend caught without his passport in one foreign capital or another; but for the most part it's just Viagra, Viagra and more Viagra! Surely the spammers would be more creative if they had more room to advertise, but the single line of text in your inbox that quickly dissolves into ellipsis (...) does not offer much room for anything but the most obvious come-on. Luckily, the spammers have Craigslist, that nonprofit purveyor of equal opportunity advertising for the masses.

With Craigslist the owner of the receiving inbox more or less asked for what he is about to receive. Since the inbox owner is expecting--praying actually--for traffic, instead of a short, single line of text, the spammer now has a real chance to show off his storytelling abilities. The owner will open the message and read what they have to say, hoping for a customer. It must be very satisfying to the spammers knowing they are assured of an audience.

Recently they have been working on getting the inbox owner to click on a certain link. No doubt they get a penny or so from somebody for every click. This is nothing new. When the job market collapsed and people started selling everything they could get their hands on, the spammers would start by commiserating with them and then suggesting that if they will just click on the enclosed link they might find help feeding their families.

Apparently that dodge is beginning to get old because the latest renditions are getting more personal and demanding. One that arrived in this writer's inbox promised far more than a job. "Somebody in your hometown thinks you're cute!" Wow, excitement! It's been at least four decades since anyone said I was cute. I felt like I was back in high school...or maybe it was grade school. Anyway I had to click on it, and sure enough my secret admirer tried to sell me on...Well, this is a family ezine after all. Another tried another tack. Instead of trying to titillate me, they tried threatening: "If you don't quit advertising using my such and such I'm going to report you to Craigslist!" Of course I knew it was nonsense, but I still wracked my guilt-ridden brain trying to remember if I'd advertised something I should not have. This one annoyed me and I never clicked on it.

Poor Craigslist. One of the Internet's finest sites. Free advertising for everyone and anyone; and yet how are they repaid for this valuable resource? You guessed it, spam without end. A perfect example of how no good deed goes unpunished!

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