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AWeber - A Tool That Will Do Your Job for You!

August 17, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 127

Online marketing has never been easier with all the current tools that allow you to automate the process and give you extra time to concentrate on more important things like thinking through your marketing strategies and building relationships.

One of the tools that I have discovered for myself in my early days of making money online and am staying very loyal to now is AWeber.

AWeber is an auto-responder. It helps you build a list of prospects and to ensure your emails are delivered effectively. AWeber is the industry leader in auto-responders and certainly is the most popular amongst professional bloggers.

Luckily, I have avoided the hassle of doing everything manually or through worse auto-responders in the very beginning. I had great mentors who introduced me to AWeber in the first weeks. I've heard lots of dramatic stories though from online marketers who were trying to do the automated part on their own. They had to make sure they always have their alert calendar close by - on the computer or on the phone; covering fridge and bathroom mirror with sticky notes and keeping complex spreadsheets in order to not forget sending concurrent emails to their list based on which stage they were on at that point. And all that manual work to mainly ensure that an auto-responder does its job.

Discovering AWeber auto-responder was like a revelation for many of them. The very many benefits of this tool included:

o Internet Marketers were now able to now save lots of time - all you need to do is to prepare your emails, copy and paste them into AWeber and tell the system at which stage emails have to go out. This allows you to always "be there" for your list. Your list would be able to reply directly to these emails and you will get letters in your inbox without having to log in to AWeber.

o Reliability - when you create emails, you can't know for a fact how "spam prone" they are. AWeber ranks your emails against spam and you can always amend the text to rank well. This protection ensures your emails go through numerous filters and don't appear in people's junk folder in their inbox.

o Templates - AWeber provides a variety of templates for email campaigns and opt-in forms

o Track the clicks - the system will tell you what links in your emails are clicked, whether emails are read or not read and when.

o Unlimited emails - you can send as many emails as you like from your account. There is no limit and no extra charge.

o Customer service - a week after I have registered with AWeber, I actually got a personal call from their representative, who knew I was based in the UK and called during UK day time (being based in the States though) to ask me how I was getting on and whether I needed any help with any aspects of AWeber at all!

AWeber has helped me to automate my business and has saved me lots of time and headache. It is extremely important for an online marketer to have a reliable auto-responder. How you communicate with your list is a huge part of how you present yourself and your brand. AWeber is not expensive at all and the rewards on this minor investment can be huge. Of course, your list brings you the money, though it is how you handle and nourish it that defines your income level.

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