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Near Painless Tips for Brazilian Waxing at Home

February 09, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 224

Brazilian waxing need not be painful, here are some tips you can employ before you wax to minimize the pain expected!

1. Exfoliate! By exfoliating you remove the dead skin and that will enable the wax to have a better grip on shorter hairs. The better the grip, the lesser it will hurt!

2. Hard over soft wax Choose to use hard wax over soft wax as hard wax, contrary to its name, is more gentle on the skin than soft wax is. Hard wax is thicker as compared to regular soft wax. More than that, it comes off without the need of a cloth. Since it does not stick to the skin, it will be less painful!

3. Distraction, distraction! It is said to relief pain if you cough when the same time when the wax is peeled off.

4. Keep calm and keep breathing If you think that holding your breath will help in reducing the pain, you are wrong! Keep breathing! Breathe in deeply when the wax is being applied, then slowly breathe out when you rip the wax off.

5. Ideal waxing hair length The best time to wax is when your hair is at 1/4 inch in length, this may sound odd but this ensures minimal pain. If it is too long, you can trim it down to about 1/4 inch. If your hair is shorter than 1/4 inch in length, it is best to wait for it to grow out.

6. Keep the wax away from your skin! Do this by applying talcum powder to the area you want to wax, this will make sure that the wax do not come into contact with your skin. Therefore, by ripping only the hair, Brazilian waxing will be less painful than it should be.

7.Calculate before you wax It is best to wax during the first 10 days of your menstrual cycle when your skin is less sensitive. This is because increased blood circulation heightens your sensitivity.

8. Be quick! Ripping the wax in one swift motion can end the pain before you feel it. Do not hesitate and make sure you rip the wax off in one try! Being swift can reduce the pain to its minimal point.

9. Control what you eat Try to avoid consuming food or drinks that will increase your sensitivity. Food and drinks that contain sugar, caffeine and nicotine are some examples. You should refrain from consuming such food and drinks at least three hours before waxing.

10. Apply heat Do take a warm bath, or apply a warm towel over the area that is to be waxed. This will expand the pores so that the hairs will come off easier. With relaxed pores, the process will be less painful.

11.When all else fails Take pain killers.

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