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Think You Don't Have Time to Market? Think Again!

June 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 134

We've all done it - putting our marketing and business building tasks on the back burner, because we think we don't have the time to get it done. We may even feel as though in order to market, we need to take time away from our client work. But, if we don't invest time back into our businesses, how will they grow?

Do you have room for new clients? If you do, then I have good news for you. It's simple. If you have client openings (time to take on and service one or more new clients), then you have time to market. Simply spend the hours you want to fill with client work doing what it takes to attract new clients!

Meet your new client - Ms. Marketing! You don't need to take time away from client work to make marketing a priority. You must simply block out the time you have available for that new client you're hoping for, and treat marketing as if it IS the new client. Do you have an hour or two a day that would otherwise go toward new client work? Block it out at the same time of the day each day so your marketing activities are regular, and doing it becomes a habit.

Save time and effort with systems. How do you market? Do you send out an e-zine each week? Do you post to Facebook, Pinterest, and Tweet? Do you have a blog? How about following up with leads from your emails or website? You can systemize all these things so that you do the bulk of the work NOW, and then have it automated so that when your client roster fills up, you're still marketing regularly - just using less time doing it. Begin to write blog posts in bulk, and schedule them to post weekly. Try a service like Hootsuite, that allows you to Facebook and Tweet from one hub, and schedule your posts into the future. Use autoresponders to acknowledge leads generated from your website or email service. These little tricks may be more work now, but hey - you have the time now - and they'll save you a lot of time later!

Identify your stopping points. Now that we've identified and disproved one stopping point to prioritizing your marketing activities (I don't have the time), let's consider other possibilities that are keeping you from putting your business out there. Confidence is a big one. It is hard to tout yourself and your services and tell people how great you are. Well, what if someone who knows you did that instead? Use your marketing time to gather testimonials and ask for referrals from current clients. Word of mouth is the most effective way to influence your market. Then there's the P word. Perfectionism. You don't want to put anything out there that isn't one-hundred percent perfectly written/designed/conceived. I have five words for you: Done is better than perfect. Perfectionism will keep you from doing anything at all. Just begin to put yourself out there, little by little. Pick whatever task makes you feel most confident and focus on that first.

When it comes to fitting marketing into your schedule, there is NO excuse of "I don't have the time," IF, in the same breath, you tell me you have room/time for new clients. Use the same time that you would dedicate to a new client, to market. Be smart and build marketing systems that will help you now, and pay off in the future. And get clear about the real reasons you aren't getting yourself out there. Use what you've got, and don't just sit there worrying you're/it's not good enough - just do it!

Donna Toothaker is a Virtual Assistant, Author, Speaker and VA Success Coach. She is CEO, founder and coach of Step It UP VA Coaching (, and the creator of the 6 Steps to 6-Figure VA Success System. Her highly sought-after VA coaching programs have been created for success-driven VAs who wish to create the 6-figure business of their dreams. Visit to receive the free report, Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Creating a 6-Figure VA Business.

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