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Developing Healthy Business Esteem

July 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 161

If you are just getting established you might find yourself struggling with some of these things. It even happens with people who are not new to business.

One way to help alleviate these feelings is to maintain a separate business identity therefore allowing you to cultivate a healthy business esteem. Like self-esteem, business esteem can be built up. You can start by taking an inventory of your strengths. The Strengthfinders 2.0 by Tom Rath is an excellent tool you can use to confirm your strengths. Confirming that your strengths are aligned with your purpose lays a solid foundation. In the unlikely event that you chose a line of work that doesn't align with your strengths you can adjust as needed.

Next, review your products and services. I'm a believer in constant improvement so don't get caught up in the fear that your stuff isn't good enough. Is it good enough for now? As you continue to grow you will find better ways to provide service and better products to offer but is what you have now solid for where you're starting from? Ask for some unbiased feedback if you're not sure. I'll throw in a quick plug for coaching here - a session or two to review what you've got can pay off big. Most people are reluctant to give honest feedback but that's a coach's job.

Lastly, how are your skills? Again, are they good enough for now? Can you improve? Of course you can, and you should. We should always be honing our skills to continue to get better at what we do. Getting better is how you bring in more money. Take a class, read a book, do whatever needs to be done to continually improve on your skill. If you ever get big enough to hire employees, or even contractors, make sure they have the same willingness to learn.

A final thought - do not let other people determine your business esteem. Unfortunately, there are people who will try to knock you down. They'll try to undermine you by saying just the right thing to get you questioning whether you're good enough. Instead of losing esteem over thoughtless comments, let these manipulative tactics boost your esteem by realizing that you must have something pretty good if someone is going out of their way to knock you down. Above all, recognize that the problem is with them, not you.

Remember, you can achieve whatever you believe as long as you are willing to work for it!

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