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5 Key Questions in the Sales Conversation

June 05, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 165

Suppose you want to buy a new car. You walk into the dealership and the stereotype pushy salesman immediately starts rattling off all the great features of a snazzy little sports car. He doesn't know your needs, he just automatically starts with what he thinks you need, without even asking you. He's trying to sell you a sports car to attract hot guys and you need a minivan for your kids' soccer team!

Many business people confuse selling with talking. The best sales people are good listeners. What the car salesman should do is ask you what you want, and then listen carefully to your answer. What is important to you?

The same goes for selling your holistic healthcare services. Become a great listener! And ask the right questions. There are 5 specific questions to ask during the sales process when a prospective client comes in for a no-cost Discovery Session, and their answers will help you explain the value of your services:

1. Why did you schedule this appointment? A few tire-kickers will take advantage of your free offer and that's all they want. But most people come to you for a specific reason. Most likely, they didn't walk into your office out of the blue, but were drawn in from reading or hearing your Magnetic Marketing Message. Something in your marketing appealed to them and you need to find out why they are interested in your services. Perhaps it's "I strained my back weeding the garden" or "My marriage is in trouble." Maybe it's "I get a lot of headaches." Whatever it is, their answer will help you know what expectations they have, how they view holistic health in general and your services in particular.

2. What is your main health challenge or goal? Most people have a health or wellness issue they need to resolve or a goal they want to accomplish. Knowing their goal will help you know how to explain your services to them, to show them how you can help meet their most important goal. When it comes to health and wellness, there's a modality that offers some benefit for practically any health condition or challenge. So you want to understand what is of most importance to them. For instance, their goal could be "to get rid of headaches" or "to save my marriage." Also, you need to be well-informed about the value of your modality for different conditions and challenges, to help you clearly explain how you can help them achieve their goal.

3. Why is that goal important to you? Once they clarify their main goal, you need to know why it's important to them. Of course you know the benefits of your work for their body, mind or lifestyle, but you want to understand the significance for that person. Is it important to them because headaches cause them to miss work? Or because their kids would be devastated if they divorce? Regardless of their problem, tap into the emotional reason that the goal is important to this individual.

Understand that people make buying choices based on emotion. And then after making the emotional decision, they justify it with intellectual reasons. This plays a role in your marketing and in how you present your services to them. It is part of your job to learn their emotional needs. This is not done to manipulate them. You are not trying to talk them into something that they don't need. They came to you asking for help. You are doing it because you want to help this person with what is important to them.

Take a chronic headache client as an example. Work stress causes muscle tension which leads to severe headaches. The pain causes more stress, anxiety and tension, resulting in more headaches, in a vicious cycle of tension and pain. Missing work and income because of the pain adds to the stress-tension-pain cycle. Let her know what to expect if she works with you. Also make sure she understands the consequences if she doesn't get her headaches under control. You want her to get excited about the results that she can expect from your work, because you know it is the best thing for her. If you tune in to her motivation, and she decides to invest in her health by working with you, the end result will be beneficial to her. You are going to help her.

Understanding people's needs and tapping into their emotions is not to manipulate them to do what we want. It should truly come from sincere concern for them. Often people don't know what they need, don't know their options and don't know how to get what they need. It is your job to help them figure this out. This is why we got into this work - to be of service to people. The better our understanding of their needs, the more specific help we can offer them. It is your job to help them see that working with you is an investment in their most precious asset - their health. Don't approach it as being for the health of your business - it is for their good, not yours!

People know the difference between true concern and insincerity, so they can tell if you are just looking out for yourself. But if you genuinely care for their well-being, they will respond to that. The foundation of your desire to become good at sales should be knowing that when you help others resolve their pain or challenge, then your needs will also be met. Cultivate this attitude and bring it into your work every day. If you help people, then it will naturally follow that you will get what you want, need and deserve. But it starts with giving value to others.

4. What are you now doing to accomplish your goal and how well is it working for you? This is really two questions but they are related. Their answer will allow you to position your services as part of their health care regimen, to integrate your care with whatever else they are doing. You will be able to explain your modality as an added value that enhances everything else, rather than replace what they are already doing.

Even if you don't agree with their current healthcare, don't negate their choices or make them feel wrong. Especially if they are under a doctor's care, don't do or say anything contrary to their medical treatment. Show them how your work can fit into their present routine and enhance their current methods of dealing with their problem. Emphasize that you are interested in integrated care - working with other practitioners and modalities, rather than alternative care, meaning other than what they are currently using. If what they're doing isn't working, it brings up the adage: "Do what you've always done and get what you've always got." Lead people to see where their current care is lacking. Do they keep doing the same old thing without good results? Show them how your services can help enhance the process of achieving their wellness goals.

If they are doing something that you think is dangerous or not in their best interest, rather than just expressing a negative opinion about it, show them some documented research, data or evidence to support your views.

If they haven't dealt with their challenge in any way, help them see that you offer an effective option. If their problem is beyond the scope of your work, point them in the right direction to another practitioner or modality. They will appreciate that you are there for them, not for yourself. This may be to your advantage later - either they will think of you again when they need help, or they will refer someone to you.

Of course you want to enroll new clients in your holistic health practice, but it's more important to help them get the right care than to hold on to every single person who comes through your door. Be real and honest. If you're manipulative or too salesy, it can backfire by offending or alienating the person. Don't try to push them into your practice, but guide them toward a decision that helps them.

5. What do you think might prevent you from achieving your goal? Their answer to this question will give you a better understanding of this person's mindset and expose any objections she has about working with you. Objections and resistance are often a hidden request for more information or support. The better you understand the person and match your message to their thinking, then the more powerful your sales conversation will be.

What might stop them from getting your help? Is it money? Offer several payment options. Is it time? Flex your schedule to their needs. Is it fear of something new? Educate them about the value of your work. Will their doctor be opposed to it? Communicate with their other health care providers (with their written consent). Whatever their objection, be understanding, supportive and ready with solutions, so that their mental obstacles can be overcome.

To understand what people need, be a good listener. Why did they come to you? What is their most pressing health concern? Why is that important to them? How confident are they about achieving that goal with their current care? What may stand in their way of getting your help? Be prepared for each discussion with each potential client, so you can present yourself and your holistic health services confidently and professionally.

Discover how to craft Magnetic Marketing Materials specifically for your Holistic Health Practice! Get our exact sales script that you can follow word-for-word when selling your services. Donna Thomas is a marketing mentor and coach with over 35 years experience as a health care entrepreneur. Her business, The Prosperous Practice, offers free and fee tips, tools and techniques to help holistic health practitioners attract a full schedule of ideal clients to make more money and have a fuller, more satisfying life. She can help you, as a wellness professionals establish and maintain a successful private practice, with strategies for quick results and systems for long-term success. Her Signature Product, The Prosperous Practice Home Study System, integrates best marketing practices with technology, psychology, mindset and spiritual principles, to create an effective step-by-step system for business momentum and sustainability. Her clients call her their "secret weapon for success" in starting, developing and maintaining spirit-based thriving health practices. Learn more about how to create your own successful holistic health practice at:

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