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12 Steps To Success For A Prosperous Holistic Healthcare Practice

June 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 153

Would you like to know exactly how to grow and maintain a thriving, successful holistic healthcare practice? An organized, step-by-step approach to running your business will support you with effective strategies for quick results, as well as consistent marketing activities that steadily grow your practice into a productive, profitable business that sustains a fulfilling career into the future!

With an effective balance of mindset and marketing, you can take your practice from start-to-finish - from creating the right mindset and marketing environment to growing a consistently full, prosperous practice that meets four needs:

~ Provide benefit and value to the people you serve ~ Fulfill your career goals to be of service through meaningful work ~ Create a satisfying career that provides you with abundant income ~ Give you a lifestyle of significance, freedom and abundance

Average practitioners can take years to develop a solid practice, and even then their appointment schedule may be erratic, with unpredictable income levels. You can expect more success in less time, if you establish an orderly plan and follow it consistently. With these 12 Steps to Success, you can move beyond average - to outstanding! Start getting results within a few weeks, in the form of more income and more Ideal Clients, who stay longer, return consistently over time and refer others who need the value you offer.

Step 1 - Nurture a Mindset of Success Do you ever have doubts about your ability to succeed in business?Your mindset about money, success and abundance reflect your feelings of self-worth and self-confidence. Examine and break through limiting beliefs, such as feeling guilty about making money from people's pain and problems. Eliminate self-sabotaging habits, such as procrastination and perfectionism, that stand between you and your vision of success!

Step 2 - Make Time for Marketing Is it challenging to find enough time to market your business effectively?Because marketing is the lifeblood of your holistic health practice, you need to schedule your marketing, business tasks, client work and personal activities into separate blocks of time. This allows you to get it all done while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Make marketing a priority to get the results you want - more clients and more money!

Step 3 - Money Now for Growth Later Do you need quick cash for a crisis or extra money to invest in business growth? Stabilize your finances with a full-time or part-time job while implementing long-term strategies to grow your practice. Once your effective marketing starts attracting more clients, you can cut back on the extra job and gradually move from employment to self-employment. This plan will carry you into the future with the success that you want, need and deserve!

Step 4 - What Makes You So Special? Do you offer your clients something unique that they can't get elsewhere or that other practitioners have not emphasized about themselves? Your USP - Unique Service Position - is the backbone of your business and is the answer you want to be prepared with when a prospect asks "Why should I work with you?" Develop your USP by asking yourself these questions: - What do I offer that my colleagues and competitors do not? - What personality traits help make me an excellent practitioner? - What features of my practice differentiate me from others in my field? - Why should someone work with me rather than my competitors?

Step 5 - Remarkable Results and Amazing Advantages Are you ready to clarify the solutions your clients will get from working with you? The results and benefits you provide should specifically match the needs of your Ideal Client. Everyone wants to know WIIFM - "What's In It For Me?" The more clearly you communicate how you help people, the easier it is for them to see your work as the solution to their pain or problem!

Step 6 - Meet Your Ideal Client Do you offer your work to anyone and everyone? For faster and bigger success, you need to narrow your target market to a specific niche, allowing you to fill your practice with Ideal Clients whose needs match what you offer. Examples of niche groups are: athletes, pregnant women, out-of-control kids, diabetics, troubled couples, chronic back pain, etc. When you position yourself as the resource your prospects need, your niche becomes the primary source of more satisfaction in your career and more profits in your practice!

Step 7 - Create Magnetic Marketing Materials Wouldn't you love to create a marketing message so attractive that people can hardly wait to work with you and refer others to you? Craft marketing materials, such as your business card, brochure and website, with compelling language that easily attracts Ideal Clients into your practice, rather than you having to push or convince people that they need what you offer. Speak directly to the needs of your target audience with wording in which your Ideal Prospects will see themselves and their challenges (such as the lead question in each paragraph of this article).

Step 8 - Promote Packages, Programs & Products Do you want to make more money by combining your skills and services into packages and programs? Use a new business paradigm that focuses on solutions, results and value, rather than the conventional model of time, size and money. Price your services so they sell with less effort, give clients better results and bring you more income! Examples of packages are: "Reduce Back Pain in 4 Sessions" or "The Tennis Elbow Solution" or "5 Steps to Better Communication."

Step 9 - Going Public for Success Are you ready to create more exposure and visibility for yourself and your practice? Use the 3 primary ways to reach your Ideal Clients inexpensively in large numbers - meeting, speaking and writing. Get out of the office and meet people where they gather to educate them about how your services provide the solutions they need, and teach them how to send you referrals!

Step 10 - Diversify Your MarketingWould you like to diversify your marketing with a range of strategies that attract your Ideal Clients from various sources?The most successful practitioners use a variety of marketing strategies to attract clients. Less successful ones neglect to diversify their marketing and use only one or two tactics. Try different approaches to see which produce the best results and then increase the variety and complexity of your marketing as your practice grows.

Step 11 - Mastering the Sale Do you feel awkward or inauthentic when it comes to selling your services?Sell your solutions authentically, respectfully and ethically, by focusing on the client's need for help, rather than your need for money. When you provide answers to people who are already looking for them, you can have a compassionate sales conversation that naturally and comfortably leads the client to see your work as the help they need, without feeling pushy or phony.

Step 12 - Set Up Systems for Ongoing Success Would you like to keep your practice on track and your life in balance by pre-planning all of your business activities?Reduce your business stress by putting your marketing on autopilot, with a simple system for every aspect of your holistic health practice, so it can run like a well-oiled machine and free up your time for serving your clients and enjoying your life! Schedule your client and business responsibilities months in advance. Include client days, business days, networking meetings, newsletter deadlines and so forth, and establish a procedure for each activity, so that you know every day of the year exactly what to do and when to do it, to attract a full schedule of Ideal Clients.

This step-by-step approach to organizing your holistic health practice will help grow your business into a productive, profitable enterprise that gives you a lifetime of financial success and career satisfaction!

Donna Thomas, has used nearly 40 years of experience as a holistic health practitioner to create The Prosperous Practice Home Study System, a step-by-step program designed to help holistic health practitioners achieve their optimum level of success. The very first assignment - Your Formula for Success - will jump-start your practice with a base of affirmative beliefs and activities for your business. The final assignment - Set Up Systems for Success - will keep your practice running smoothly into the future. And in between the first and last steps are solid, proven, practical techniques for effective marketing, supported by a positive foundation of mindset principles in which to grow the prosperous practice that you want, need and deserve! Whether you need to jump-start a new practice or boost a floundering one, we invite you to contact us for a No-Cost Discovery Session - a one-on-one personal conversation in which we will explore and discover how The Prosperous Practice Home Study System can guide and support you in creating your very own prosperous practice!

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