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How to Use Facebook Timeline Pages

April 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 122

There was resistance when the Facebook timeline was first introduced, which was actually because changes are normally resisted. But this was actually a new opportunity for business owners. It has provided them a new way to market their business and an interesting manner to manage their page.

But how do you use the new Facebook timeline page? Before you can actually use the page, you have to upgrade it to the Facebook timeline first. When you upgrade it to timeline, you will be given ample time to prepare your page and familiarize the features. It will not be published publicly unless it is ready.

The page will look absolutely different from the previous fanpage you have. The first noticeable change is the cover. This is found in every page. This is the first catchy image you will notice every time you visit a personal or a business account. How the entire page is organized is also different. Your most recent updates will appear just below the About section. Your activities can be monitored easily as well.

The setting up stage of your fanpage is simple. You can easily follow the steps laid by Facebook to you. However, it can be challenging as well. There is little that you can customize, which is why you have to do it right. Make sure that your cover looks good, captivating even. It is important that it looks appealing for your target market. A great cover can attract more fans. You can consult a social media management team to link it to other social media networks.

Although your cover can cause a stir, it is also important that you update your page regularly. If your page will not have activity for a certain period, it will not be visible in the home page of your fans. Thus, no marketing campaign takes place. If you want people to notice your fanpage, you need to interact with them.

You can start communicating with them by airing your views on significant concerns. If you do not want to stir controversy or debate, you can ask questions about it instead. An example would be asking the views of your fans on transgender and beauty pageants.

Aside from social issues, you can also posts videos that went viral, amazing photos and links that your fans may be interested in. In addition to that, you may also invite your fans to join contest. Facebook users always love winning something. Sharing the post in their timeline can be included in your mechanics.

Finally, interact with your fans. If they have query, take time to answer them. If they have complaints, respond as quickly as you can. You can even assign someone to monitor your page. You will be surprise with the number of fans liking it if you spend some time interacting with your existing fans.

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