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The Depth of Your Social Network

April 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 180

Malcolm Gladwell made a statement suggesting that a brand's Social Media network is often a "mile wide and an inch deep". He was right. For the most part.

Many Social Media marketing efforts are focused on getting a set amount of Likes and Follows and the success of their campaigns are measured by this method. For example, brands pay good money to simply get their numbers up to a benchmark of 1000 Likes or Follows. OK, then what? Was your campaign a success because you now have that number on your profile page? It's nice to look at but it's what's behind that number that counts. Who are they? Where do they come from? And most importantly, will they buy from you?

For a small to medium business, it's far better to have 100 qualified prospects (customers) who are actually interested in your brand than 1000 random fans or followers that may have visited your page once, yet rarely return. This should be a huge relief for those of you sweating unnecessarily to play the numbers game.

Here are a few tips to help your business develop a rich, qualified base for your Social Network:

1. Follow Your Customers

Avoid filling up your network with businesses that are the same as yours. We see this all the time. You follow them and they follow you in an effort to get each other's numbers up. But you can't sell to them, so it serves no purpose. Instead, follow your customers. They may not return the favor as fast but once you start engaging them with valuable content then they will take notice, take interest in your brand, and follow back.

2. Engage Them

Give your followers and fans something of value. Whether it's interesting (not to you, but to them) content about your product/service, relevant news, fun facts, or even a joke of the day, they need a reason to visit your page or "feed" frequently.

3. Interact with Them

Having people simply visit your page is not enough. They need to interact on your page it's up to you to get the conversation started. Ask for their input. Provide incentive to share their stories about your product/service or industry. For example, if you operate a small eatery, hold a contest where those that enter come up with a great sandwich idea. The winner gets that sandwich named after them on the menu. To enter the contest, each contestant must share the entry with their own network. Now not only have you engaged your 100 fans/followers, but you have accessed their networks, which can result in thousands of eyes focused on your brand based on a referral from their own friends. That's value!

4. Nurture Them

Don't lure them in and leave them hanging. It's common for brands to attract a core following then forget all about them in the pursuit of new ones. If they followed you, it's because they liked what you were doing at the time. You have to keep it up. Comment on, or Like, their posts and let them know that you remain interested in them. If you've "purchased" a large fan base through other methods (e.g. TwitterAdder, etc...), keeping up with who's who and following the massive daily news feed will be difficult. Keep your core audience happy and that audience will grow from Word of Mouth within their own networks.


This intention of this article was to help you understand that choosing a strategy of building a strong Social Network foundation over chasing numbers is not only more attainable, but will result in far greater customer qualification. Once that foundation grows, your sales potential skyrockets.

Marcus Maraih, Content Development,

Source: EzineArticles
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