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LinkedIn and B2B: A Match Made in Heaven

April 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 165

If someone were to say "business" and "social media" in the same sentence, what would be the first social media outlet to come to mind? For me, it's hands-down LinkedIn. Plenty of businesses use Facebook and Twitter to attract fans and followers, but the customer base for those tools can almost be too broad. That's all well and good for a business to customer (B2C) type of business, like a clothing store, but a business to business (B2B) company won't necessarily see the same results from Facebook and Twitter than they would from a social media tool like LinkedIn that focuses on professionals.

So how should your business go about taking advantage of this professional network of over 150 million subscribers?

First and foremost, you need a company page. Enter all of the relevant info, write a good, brief summary, and encourage your employees to join your company network. If you have products, you can add them under the "Products & Services" tab. Through this, you can request recommendations for your product(s), include links to product websites, embed videos, include offers...there's a world of opportunity.

After setting up your page, you need to get your name out there. Find groups related to what you do and related to what your potential customers do and request to join. If someone brings up a topic about which you have some knowledge, jump in and share your thoughts!

Another great way to attract attention is by writing thought-provoking blogs or articles and posting them in relevant groups on LinkedIn. Note that I said relevant. A group geared towards marketing professionals probably isn't going to care about the latest developments in hydraulic fracturing to release natural gas. All that's going to do is induce a lot of head scratching and perhaps a mental note to overlook your posts in the future.

As with all social media, keys to success with LinkedIn are frequent updates and active conversation. You can post updates on your company page, you can have your employees link back to articles you've written on their updates...You can even create your own groups if there isn't anything already out there specific to what you do.

There are probably a zillion different ways to effectively use LinkedIn as a marketing tool for your business. The above are just a few of the basic first steps. But one last bit of advice: with LinkedIn content, as with any other content, remember the three "r's" - make it riveting, make it relevant, and keep it respectful.

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