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Winter Sports Season Is Here But Is Your Body Ready for It?

January 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 172

As each year passes many of us find our fitness slipping a little more and a little more. For many of us our first few days back on the slopes are a source of aches and pains as our muscles cry out from lack of use and muscles we'd forgotten we even had start to rebel. Finding the time to get back in shape can be a little problematic but don't worry we're here to help and we have a whole regime of fitness to help you get back in shape. However, before you head out to get in shape or to hit the slopes it's a good idea to visit the doctor for a health check and before you travel make sure you have winter sports travel insurance. Whilst fitness will go a long way to preventing injury sometimes accidents happen so don't think you can skip out on this one.

Ok first things first we're going to want to get our general fitness levels up and this means cardio. Cardio is the bane of many people's existence and I know plenty of people who hit the gym regularly but don't even touch cardio. This really isn't a good attitude to have especially if you want to take part in most winter sports which are heavily cardio based. Cardio is the foundation of fitness and if we improve our cardio we'll have much more energy on the slopes and much more fun generally. Cardio will keep you supple and will stretch your muscles nicely so that they don't become sore when you finally get to sports. Before we undertake any cardio exercise make sure you stretch fully and limber up so that the cardio itself doesn't cause you injury. In terms of actual cardio exercises cycling, swimming and squash will give you the largest fitness boost and increase your general health the most. Swimming is particularly good as you won't be putting strain on any of your muscle groups but cycling helps work to back and leg muscles the most which are integral to proper skiing form.

Once your cardio has improved you're going to want to start improving you specific muscle groups. Skiing and snowboarding rely heavily on your leg muscles and your lower back muscles and stomach muscles. These then want to form your core focus for exercising and you will want to focus both on building strength and building flexibility. If your local gym has a ski trainer this will be an easy start but we'd also recommend gentle weight training - aimed at reps rather than strength to build up your endurance and flexibility. In terms of your back and stomach sit ups and crunches will have the most beneficial effects and will help flex and strengthen your muscles. Finally for your legs curls and squats will help build strength and flexibility that you'll find in valuable once you hit the slopes.

Finally, when you make it to the slopes don't forget to ease yourself in for the first few days. Overdoing thing on your first day can ruin your holiday so take it fairly easy and have plenty of rests in the first few days whilst paying attention to how much water you drink and food you eat.

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