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Nike Snowboarding - Who To Look Out For In 2012

December 21, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 165

After another exhilarating year in action sports that has seen the emergence of a new set of talent on and off the slopes, we look at the future of snowboarding and who to look out for in 2012. New brands and new talent keep emerging from the powder to provide us with new technology and breath-taking moves to push the sport to the next level.

Many of these riders have come from humble backgrounds and begun to form their careers because of a love for snowboarding, not to win competitions. Many Nike Snowboarding sponsored riders have built up their reputation by living the lifestyle and building upon their undoubted talent by innovating ideas and concepts to produce spectacular videos and iconic moments. These moments capture the viewer's attention and raise the bar for other riders to push the limits of what is possible in snowboarding. Not only are the riders pushed to the limit, the brands are continuously updating equipment to realise the potential of snowboarding. The latest Nike Snowboard is the brainchild of many riders looking for the perfect feel on the slopes, as riders push the limits, brands and technology is also pushed to new extremes.

One of the stand-out stars on the slopes this year was Jess Kimura, who started out producing crazy tricks that no women had ever performed, this risk taking came with a lot of big slams and these were probably more famous that her riding. This all changed when she was featured in Think Thanks 2010 Video, after this she was then renowned for landing these tricks. The accolades then came in abundance and Jess was named Ms Snowboarder Magazines Superpark Standout 2010 and appeared on the cover of Snowboard Canadas annual. These accolades didn't distract from her foundations of producing innovative ideas and lighting up the slopes. Her distinct style of charging riding and personal flamboyance earned her a sponsorship deal with Nike Snowboarding. This deal changed her life as she was previously working in construction and living out the back of her truck, taking snowboarding adventures as often as possible.

These new deals have led to the freedom to explore the possibilities of what women are capable of doing on a snowboard. This has led to the womens snowboarding market becoming a huge success, as technology and innovations continue to push snowboarding to new levels. Jess Kimura is definitely the stand out name to watch in 2012 as not only has she pushed the boundaries but now influences other women and what can be achieved on the slopes. She is quickly becoming the sponsors' go-to woman, as her tricks and style reflect the snowboarding culture of pushing the limits.

Take a look at the new collection of Nike Snowboards, pushing the limits of snowboarding and at the forefront of innovation Nike Snowboarding products are the essential choice.

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