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Choosing the Ideal Rossignol Snowboard

November 14, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 121

Rossignol Snowboard

Rossignol is one of the leading brands in snowboard equipment and apparel. The Company, based in Isere, France, started as a manufacturer of alpine ski equipment and was started by Abel Rossignol in 1907. Abel Rossignol was a carpenter but he was also an avid skier. He made his first ski out of wood in 1907 and the Rossignol brand was born.

The Company started gaining worldwide recognition when French Emile Allais won the triple world championship in the 1937 World Championship in Chamonix, France using the Rossignol Skis. He was a Triple-winner by topping the Downhill, Slalom and Combined events, an achievement that in many ways had started the emergence of the Rossignol brand in the world market. The triumph of Henri Oreiller in the 1948 Winter Olympics in St. Moritz, Switzerland riding the Rossignol Olympic 41 skis, solidified the Rossignol's name in the public's consciousness.

The Company's next milestone came in the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley, California, USA when Jean Vuarnet of France became an Olympic downhill champion while using the world's first metal skis - the Allais 60s. The Company's first ever fiberglass skis, the Strato, was launched in 1964. The Company diversified into snowboards in 1987.

Rossignol is a company that has always been known for its innovative technology which continues to this day. It's pioneering technologies continue to drive the excellence and high-performance of the Company's snowboards. Rossignol uses the Amptek, Magne-Traction and MagTek technologies in the making of its snowboards.

AmpTek Technology

The word AmpTek means Amplification technology. AmpTek, which as the name implies, amplifies everything that a rider does while riding. It enhances stability at high speed and gives the snowboard a good grip on the snow while smoothing out landings. Amptek also gives way for higher ollies which makes for a more exciting ride. By combining traditional camber under foot with early rise rocker at the tip and tail, AmpTek delivers remarkable pop, sustained energy and firm edge hold on harder snow while providing magnificent maneuverability and increased flotation.

Amptek has three categories of snowboards: AmpTek Freestyle, AmpTek All Mountain, and AmpTek Autoturn.

AmpTek Freestyle is available on the following boards: Retox AmpTek, Diva MagTek, and Jibsaw MagTek

Amptek All Mountain is available on the following boards: One MagTek, Krypto MagTek, Angus AmpTek, Taipan AmpTek and Circus AmpTek

AmpTek Autoturn comes in the following boards: Alias AmpTek, Trickstick AmpTek, Myth AmpTek and District AmpTek.

Magne-Traction Technology

Magne-Traction technology basically corrects the problem of a conventional snowboard - losing control of the board when navigating icy conditions. Invented by Mervin Manufacturing, Magne-traction provides the boards the bumps on the edges that provide more contact points with the ice instead of just the tip and tail. This gives the riders more stability as they glide through the snow in high speed. Magne-Traction snowboards have seven contact points while the traditional snowboard only have two. These additional contact points give you a more enjoyable ride without compromising ease and high-performance needed. Magne-Traction is available in the following snowboards: Experience MagTek, Diva MagTek, Jibsaw MagTek and Krypto MagTek.

MagTek Technology

MagTek is a pioneering combination of AmpTek and Magne-Traction technologies, each of which is an award winner on its own right. The fusion of the Amptek camber and Magne-Traction edges gives riders a board that is a leader in the industry. This combination promotes better control and more hold for greater stability while maximizing the edge pressures between feet. MagTek is available on the Experience MagTek, Jibsaw MagTek, Krypto MagTek, One MagTek and the Diva MagTek.

John E. Edgar is a writer who specializes in sports and outdoor activities. You can check out his latest website at Rossignol Snowboard, where he provides unbiased product reviews and descriptions to help you with an informed purchasing decision for buying Rossignol snowboard, including their boards with the Amptek, Magtek and Magne-Traction technology, and much more.

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