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Stop Smash and Grab Security Window Film

February 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 305

Windows are a valuable investment in any home and as such they need to be protected against damages. These damages might results from accidental or intentional breaks, cracks or even shatter. Therefore, windows for both homes and offices must be protected using the most effective method available. One of the most common methods of keeping the windows safe from damages is the use of window tinting or film. These films are applied to the window and keep it from breaking or developing cracks. The use of window tinting is quite effective and popular in the auto industry and it is this popularity that has attracted it to homeowners.

The use of stop smash and security window film enables homeowners to add an extra layer of protection to not only windows but also glass doors. It is a known fact that these two areas are the weakest points in a building and that is why they are prone to attacks from burglars. In cases of burglary involving forced entry, more than 80% of thieves reportedly gain entry into the home or building through the windows or glass doors. It is for this reason that one needs to invest in a good stop smash and grab security film to prevent the occurrences of such situations.

The working of window tinting on glass doors and windows is very simple and easy process. The thick clear film is usually applied on the inside surface of the glass. This does not only make the window stronger but reduces the chance of the film from being removed. The security film applied is usually stronger and thicker than normal window tint but allows the same amount of light to enter similar to other window tinting. The film layer is burglar resistant and this makes it stronger and burglar proof than normal window films.

The importance of having tint is that burglars will take a longer time gaining entry into the building. This is enough time required to alert security authorities. Burglars may even give up when they see just how difficult the window or glass door is. In addition to providing security, installing security window film also has a couple of benefits with the first one being their affordability. Although most people consider these films as being costly, they are not. Compared to other security devices such as cameras, installing these security films is a great bargain.

Another benefit of installing these stop smash and grab security window films is that they are difficult to detect. Moreover, the fact that they also protect the building against harmful UV rays and keep the building cool is also a plus. The ability of the security window film not being detectable is a great benefit in terms of security as burglars will not have a clue of their presence. Moreover, installing the security films is very easy, especially when done by professionals. There are also various types, designs and colors of window films available that matches the need of various people.

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