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Small Business Testimonials - How to Make Them Effective

February 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 193

Why use testimonials

They are a key part to building a sustainable business they help create not only more customers but add trust and confidence in your ability to carry out your services or sell your products to potential new customers.

What are testimonials

They are a form of word of mouth recommendation that you and your business qualifies as trustworthy and competent authority in a particular business that you partake in. Either in a market that sells products or services you offer.

How to collect customer testimonials

Once you have completed a service or sold a product it is important to get positive feedback as soon as possible. A customer is more likely willing to give you a recommendation testimonial after they have experienced your product or service and are happy with the outcome while still fresh in their mind and emotional satisfied with the service or product.

You must try to collect the testimonial as soon as possible if you're a service then ask if they would be willing to give feedback. Offer your email address or a form so they can add the recommendation.

If you have a website give them the web address and page where they can add the testimonial. Make sure to follow-up within a couple of days to either thank them or remind them.

How to make the testimonial effective

Key is to make your testimonial effective depending on your services or products you can categorise the recommendations to the services or products. For instance let say that your are a service and you have a number of services that you offer, collect and add them to a job category so when a customer inquires about the service you can then direct them or give them the testimonial related to the job they are asking you to undertake.

Give a title for your feedback, on the work that you carried out and the category, this will be then added to the proper list of testimonials.

Why would you do this? Simply because browsing through testimonials that are not related to what the customer is looking for will not be as effective? Yes they can see you have customers who trust and like what you have done. But a specific recommendation related to their enquiry will trigger a much more effective response.

When correctly used this can be a very powerful marketing strategy to brand you and your business.

If you have a website then ask you web master to add a page where testimonials can be included.

Word press and other similar website providers have plugins or scripts that you can add to include these pages on your site.

You can of course have the recommendations written and kept in a folder and separated by category.

Please feel free to contact me on the above for more information.

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Martin Leyton

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