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Are You In Control Of Your Business Website?

July 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 195

Are you one of the small business owners who gave someone a big amount of money to build their website, and then forgot about it? You probably don't even remember the URL of your website. Or what that means. You might be paying more money every year to someone to 'take care' of your website. Sadly, you are not alone. But you are out of touch with what is happening around you!

Age can no longer be an excuse to not knowing how something works. I get really frustrated when even highly educated people say, 'XYZ takes care of my website. It's not my cup of tea'. Or 'We pay X to make sure everything works'. A website is just a piece of code, and it is not a dog that has to be walked every day. It does not tire, it just goes on working anyway. The only change or upkeep it might need is up to date information. Did you move offices three years ago? Well, your website needs to have your new address. Or you might just lose a prospect who drove 20 miles in the opposite direction to your old office.

How easy or difficult is it to have control of your website? It is as easy as 1-2-3. Especially when you use WordPress! WordPress has a point and click dashboard that is very easy to learn. You can add new pages, photos or catalogs any time or make changes to your product. And you don't need a work request or ticket with your website administrator for that.

Let's face it, as a small business, you have very limited resources. At the same time you need to be responsive to your market and its needs. Having a WordPress website allows you to have full control and quick access to the information on your website. You can just login any time and make some minor changes. So ok, there might be a learning curve, and if you are not a 'techie', you might have to struggle a bit initially. But the prize is worth it.

You break your back several times a day to make your business more profitable. Why not spend some time learning WordPress so that you can unleash the complete power of having a business website? You will soon be showing others how to do it. And age or education will not matter. You might outsource the website creation itself to a professional due to time constraints, but you will definitely be able to make updates yourself without having to pay for it again.

Visit us to get our quick guide to learning WordPress, subscribe to our blog and watch all our training videos on YouTube. And don't forget to spread the word so your friends can learn this too.

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