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Types of Contour Pillows

February 21, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 179

Contour pillows are orthopedic pillows specifically designed to correctly position the body while in bed or at rest. Specific guidelines are followed in designing contour pillows that guarantee support to the right places for one or more specific parts of the body. Contour pillows come in several shapes and designs to support specific parts of the body. The most common types of contour pillows include neck pillows, wedge pillows, lumbar pillows and knee pillows.

Head and neck pillows are curved. They are placed under the head and neck like a traditional pillow. The neck support pillow helps safeguard the curve of the upper spine by supporting the neck and positioning the head parallel to the sleep surface. We recommend the Avana Uno or Berkie Neck Rest. The Avana Uno has a contoured, angle design with a lush erect pile microfiber cover and made of the high quality 3-pound memory foam. The Berkie Neck Rest is an ergonomically contoured log to cradle the neck. It too is made of quality memory foam and covered in microfiber.

A wedge pillow is designed to elevate the head and body for breathing comfort and pressure relief. This contour product is ideal for gently lifting the body or feet for relief of swelling from injury or surgery. It's recommended for acid reflux or other indigestion conditions. Many use it for everyday activities of reading, relaxing or watching T.V. We recommend the Avana Slant. This product works like a hospital bed to help keep the whole torso gently elevated, providing the ideal sleep surface. It has a urethane foam foundation and covered in a layer of memory foam for the perfect combination of comfort and support.

A Lumbar is a back support pillow that is positioned under the lower back in the back of side sleeping position, and under the stomach for extra support. It's designed to sustain the thoracic and lumbar curves in the back or stomach sleep position and supports the spine level in the side sleeping position. We recommend the Avana Side Sleeper. This support pillow is ideal for side sleepers to cushion the knees and support the hollow of the waist to relieve hip and shoulder discomfort.

Finally there is the knee pillow. These products are placed under the knees while sleeping on the back to maintain the lumbar curve. For those sleeping on their sides a knee support pillow is placed between the knees and legs to help reduce flexion stain on the lower hip. We recommend the Avana Body or Leg Rest. These products can be placed between the knees for extra support or other parts of the body to reduce pressure and provide comfort. It's filled with USA-made visco memory foam and covered in a microfiber case.

Karlie Philpott is the creator of TheBodyPillowShop a destination for support and comfort. A place to find the body pillow you need.

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