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Start Fighting Sleep Apnea With Adjustable Beds

February 21, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 205

For the average person who works 40 hours or more each week, a good night's rest is absolutely essential. Natural sleep is the best way to recover from a tired day, and it rejuvenates the body in preparation for another day of mental and physical activity. Unfortunately, a number of sleep conditions prevent individuals from getting a healthy quality of sleep each night. Sleep apnea is a common example of such a condition, and it may cause an individual to wake 100 times or more each night. Special steps must be taken to prevent this condition from depriving the body of natural rest, and it starts with investing in the right sleeping surface.

If you want to stop your sleep apnea from getting in the way of a complete sleep at night, you have to sleep in a semi-upright position. Sleeping at a mild incline distributes body weight more evenly, relieving the chest and nasal passageways of the pressure they typically feel when the body lies flat. Doctors recommend that individuals with sleep apnea should use adjustable beds to prevent the symptoms because, unlike pillows or other soft devices, adjustable beds are effective in maintaining an specific incline throughout the night. Adjustable beds are the solution and ultimate comfort providers that combat this dreadful sleeping condition.

Sleep apnea causes a blockage in the air passageways. When an individual with this condition lies flat on the bed, the tongue may fall back and block the airway. Once this happens, the breathing pattern of the individual is affected and the body typically wakes itself to get back on rhythm. With the use of adjustable beds, the heads are raised to prevent the falling back of the tongue. As the name suggests, adjustable beds are adjustable to the specific needs of the individual. In this case, a person with sleep apnea may adjust the bed to a comfortable incline that keeps the head high and facilitates normal breathing throughout the night. Additionally, adjustable beds prevent gravity from pulling the tongue down into the throat and correspondingly reduce the chance of airway blockage.

Sleep apnea tends to affect overweight individuals the most. This is because if the pressure on the esophagus which compromises the airway. Additionally, some researchers assert that fat cells around the neck may contribute towards sleep apnea by narrowing the airway. Adjustable beds are the best beds to remove pressure on the neck region because they raise the upper body and hold the body in a position of least resistance to gravity. Researchers and doctors also assert that sleeping with the head higher than the feet helps to prevent sleep apnea by reducing overall body stress which may otherwise restrict normal breathing patterns.

In closing, sleep apnea is a common condition that deprives individuals of a healthy quality of nightly sleep. Physicians and researchers agree that the best way to combat sleep apnea is to sleep win a position that puts as little pressure as possible on the chest, airways, and throat. Unlike pillows that may go flat during the night, adjustable beds are an effective means of diverting pressure away from the chest and preventing restricted breathing.

Leading research suggests that adjustable beds may help individuals with arthritis, back pain, and GERD conditions sleep better at night. Adjustable beds are available for purchase online from a number of reputable dealers. If you or a loved one suffers with sleep apnea, or any other sleep related condition, speak with a physician immediately.

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