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Vitamin D3, The "Sunshine" Vitamin

February 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 138

It's been said that "more" is better, but with regards to sunshine that "more" has been proven to have results we do not need. Sunshine is a vital part of our lives and to not have it means serious health problems. Too much or too little sunshine can lead to serious problems both inside the body and outside on the skin. While it's not always practical to depend on sunshine, it's difficult in our diets to get sufficient amounts of the vitamins it gives us. In these cases a vitamin supplement is needed.

Science has proven that the many benefits from taking a vitamin D supplement are practical. It is helpful in regulating blood pressure, boosting immunity, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. In addition to its role in bone metabolism, vitamin D has shown to help prevent or help a verity ofcancers. Limited amounts of this vitamin can be obtained from the ultraviolet rays in sunshine, and a few minutes a day are sufficient while too many tends to destroy the vitamin and its benefits.

When you are young, getting skin cancer from too much sun can seem to be a small price to pay for that "fun in the sun" time. Some skin cancers take time to develop, but years later as we age we find ourselves having to go to a skin specialist to try to correct the damage we have received from too much sun. Limiting our time in the sun and being sure our skin is protected is necessary, and a vitamin D supplement will provide us with many internal and external health benefits.

Sometimes the cure for a disease can be worse than the disease itself, and this is often the case with cancer, both internal and external. Vitamin D studies show that this vitamin is important for preventing and treating many types of cancer. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends the safest way of getting vitamin D is from food or supplements, not the sun.

Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays have been linked to skin cancer, skin aging and eye damage in the elderly who have a reduced ability to synthesize vitamin D from sunlight. There are two types ofultraviolet rays, UVA and UVB. The UVA rays are the rays that burn our skin while UVB rays pass through the outer skin layers and cause problems internal to the body.

Sunlight is our normal source for vitamin D and overexposure has been directly related to skin cancer. Currently there are several questions being asked as to the value of sunscreens, do they really block the ultraviolet rays and if so, do they also block the vitamin D from getting into the body. There are more than 2 million cases of serious skin cancer reported a year in the United States, and almost 20% of Americans will develop some form of skin cancer over their lifetime.

Fair skinned people need to take vitamin D supplements, and of the various types available, vitamin D3 has been found to be the most beneficial. It is estimated that 37% of people in the United States are currently taking vitamin D, but there is still an overwhelming majority that are suffering from a vitamin D deficiency. Some study's have shown that people with higher rates of vitamin D in their blood have been found to have lower rates of skin cancer.

Vitamin D3 Tablets provide all the health benefits this vitamin has proven to offer. Vitamin D is known as "the sunshine vitamin" for its ability to be helpful with many health benefits normally obtained through the sun. It has shown positive results in dealing with cancer and various skin conditions among its other accomplishments. These tablets are a dietary supplement as diets alone only account for very little vitamin D found in the blood.

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Vitamin D3 Tablets

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