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Classification of Longboards

March 30, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 174

A longboard is similar to a skateboard with the only major difference that it is slightly longer than the skateboard. It is mostly used for general transportation and for downhill racing as it allows the rider to easily move through steep and twisted turns. A longboard has a longer and wider base and thus it offers more control to the rider and is relative more comfortable and safer as compared to a skateboard.

Different kinds of longboards are available in the market these days. You should make a choice considering the kind of use you are going to have. However, if you are new to the sport you must take proper care of your safety and wear proper helmets and other safety gears. A skateboard helmet works fine with longboarding. Helmets such as the Protec helmets, Bern helmets and SixSixOne helmets are among the most popular brands used by professional players. Given below is a classification of different types of longboards:

Transportation: One of the most common uses of longboard is for transportation or for commuting. The boards used for this purpose are usually 100-130 cm in length and like other skateboards they do not have a short nose. This type of boards are usually similar to surfboards in shape and are designed to offer a flexible and more comfortable ride to the user as he/she navigate through narrow turns.

Slalom: It is a variety of longboard that is mostly used for racing or for navigating through tiny corners. They are usually made using carbon fiber and other high tech materials. Their length may vary from 63-89 cm. The shorter boards are used for tighter courses while the longer boards are used for steeper courses.

Downhill Racing: This is one of the most popular uses of longboards. The board is specially designed for riding downhill at high speeds. The average length of a downhill racing board varies from 95-110 cm. They have trucks attached to their ends and often come with a lowered platform. They usually come with a stronger and flexible base to offer more control to the rider as he slide downhill at high speeds.

You should select the right size and type of longboard depending upon the purpose for which you are going to use it. Also, don't forget to purchase proper accessories and suitable longboard or skateboard helmets to ensure your safety while you enjoy the speed and thrill of longboarding.

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