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What Should a Business Owner Be Aware of When They First Start Out Promoting Their Website?

April 06, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 149

The first most important thing at all times is that you're not selling your website, you are sharing your website with your prospective clients and customers, which means that you are not trying to sell to the whole world but rather to a particular customer who has a need for your product or service. Many people think the more people who come to their website, the better.

Actually, that's not true. You need to define who your target audience is and who would be interested in buying the products or services from your business. This will have a great bearing on the style and layout of your website. It's more important than the total number of visitors.

It is very hard for a new business owner, or a business, that has an established presence that is not producing the sales they want to understand that it is not visitor volume but the quality of the visitor. They all think, "I want everyone to come and see my website." Well, not every visitor to your website is your target audience, so you really need to think about the way your website will appeal to the people who are your target audience.

Who is your Target Audience?

When someone comes to your website, whether it's through search engines or whether you left your URL as a signature on a comment on someone's blog or whatever, you want people who are in your target audience to instantly know that they are in the right place. So let me give you an example, I do a lot of book marketing because I have books. I look at many author's website and you come to the homepage, which is what the URL directs you to. You do not know whether it's a non-fiction book or a fiction book or what the book is about. That's very important because really, as authors, we want every visitor to buy and read our books, so really, our target audience is those people who like a particular genre of book or who need the information contained within a non-fiction book that we've written.

We don't want to frustrate people who come across or are referred to your website by the major search engines go, "Well wait a second, is that fiction, non-fiction, what is this about?" You want people to know instantly. This is fiction or non-fiction? This is what it's all about. And if it's non-fiction, these are the benefits you will get from reading this book.

They come to your website to find the information that they hope will provide answers to their questions. That is your target audience/ market why the design and layout of your website is important.

In a nutshell make sure that the information you wish to purvey to a potential client is the first thing they see. Don't just put anything on your website to fill the space and make up content. Make sure it's relevant to what the person is looking out for and helps solve the problem they have.

The most useless word is Welcome

They know that they're welcome. That's why you have a website. So the first headline that they come across should be something that tells the customer to take action or confirms to them that they are in the right place. They are here because you have a solution to their problem.

This should be contained above the fold, which means before you have to scroll down on your computer screen to see any more information. Most businesses absolutely shoot themselves in the foot with that very first-we call it real estate-and as soon as you come to the homepage at the very top, they have put some boring picture of like the factory, so they put to manufacturing something, the factory or a towering building that has nothing to do with their business, or a sun.

No, people do not come to your websites to look at those pictures. They come to find the information that they hope that you will provide them if they are in your target market.

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