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The Anxiety Of Being Single

February 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 234

Sometimes, the Christian singles are neglected on regular basis in the overall planning of the church activities. The church leaders may tread along in a natural course, not really with an intent to neglect the singles among them but no focused mindedness in terms of ministerial services towards the singles. This group consists of (a) those who have never married (b) those who are divorced (c) those that are in separation (d) those that have chosen to stay unmarried and (e) widows and widowers. It's important we remember and be sensitive to the fact that they all are the members of the body of Christ which is represented as local churches or groups.

To these Christians, especially the women, anxiety becomes a debilitating factor in their daily Christian living. Being single and aging can combine to create a high level of anxiety, especially in those believers who have the desire to marry. You may even wonder, is the Lord really listening to my prayers? I am getting older by the day. There is no fast rule here, you'll have to trust him completely and believe that he loves you even in your singleness. Don't let anxiety drive you to indiscretion and compromise.

Being single as a Christian isn't a curse, those who are married were also singles at a point in their walk with the Lord. There are much you can learn from them if you're serious in living saved and single. Don't get too anxious in your state of being single that you allow anything to interfere with your salvation and the joy that follows.

As a single born again Christian, don't let anxiety ruin the riches of your salvation experience. I came to the Lord at twenty-one years of age, throughout my blessed single years, there was no time of feeling lonely or anxious for marriage. Some may say, "Yeah, because you're a man." Well not really. It's not as easy as it may appear, especially if you desire to seek the will of God for your life. The devil is always there to cause you to miss the mark and jeopardize your future. I'll share with you what helped me during my period of being single.

Remember this very well.... Anxiety is the mother of desperation and irrational actions.

Should you date as a Christian?

In the bible we find the word espouse-meaning to promise or pledge to marry. All opinions associated with modern-day dating don't all meet biblical standard. Are you dating the person that is known by your spiritual leaders as a future spouse? Are you dating as a channel of finding out whether the individual is meant to be your future spouse? What we had in the world - boy and girl friend arrangement seems to fade away in the pages of the scriptures. Such arrangements and tags are not found in the Bible, but the expression brothers and sisters in Christ. If you're dating somebody as a "try out" for possible marriage, you're fueling your emotions with anxiety and risky undertakings. Christian dating like others is fraught with untold heart breaks and disappointment.

Below are my safety tools during my single years • Total commitment to my faith and salvation • Complete involvement in the services and ministries of the church. I was in six demanding departments • Serious daily prayer life and fasting often • Devoted bible study time and memorization efforts • Transparency in my Christian living with my friends and colleagues in and out of the church.

For me, during my years of being single, living for Christ was 'THE THING'. It wasn't a recreational activity. Marriage was a future possibility and had no pangs on me. I strongly believe that to guard against anxiety there should be (a) strong, effective programs and fellowships (b) a call for serious commitment from the singles to their faith and godly companionship. These would help mitigate anxiety pressures.

Above all, though you may be a Christian single, you're still a part of the body. The spirit of an anxiety will tend to isolate you and create a feeling of being alone in your own world. Not so, my friend, stay plugged up to the body and you'll experience an enriching life with a sense of belonging. Meditate upon this scripture and let you mind rest on him, "Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:6-7, KJV).

Dr. Ephraim John Udofia is the founder and Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Apostolic Ministries. International Mission-intensive ministry, both in foreign and home missions with currently over six churches in three countries. Dr. Udofia is the author of over seven life-changing books. He's passionately involved in church planting, crusades, conferences and ministers' training since the seventies. Dr. Udofia holds a Bsc. in Management, minor in accounting, an MBA, and Doctorate in Ministry (Dmin) with major in Missions. He is a former Ceo of Precious Jewels Inc. for 19 years. Also a former banker and security representative holding both State and Federal licences. A financial counselor, motivational speaker, mentor, marriage counsellor and an outstanding dedicated family man. He is happily married with five grown children. To buy one of Dr Ephraim's inspiring Christian Books , or Money Management Books visit the link --->;Life Christian Books

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