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Getting Confidence And Getting The Women You Want

April 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 200

Remember when you were a baby? Of course you don't! Let me tell you how babies think. When babies learn how to talk, you don't understand a word they're saying, but they keep trying until they can speak in words you understand. Then before you know it, they're forming sentences that even shocks you. When they're learning how to walk, they fall, but keep trying until they can wobble their way a few feet to you. Before you know it, they're running around the house raising hell. Do you know what happens to a man when he gets rejected by women? He gives up! He loses that confidence of a baby and just gives up or doesn't keep trying until he gets that women he really wants. He'll settle for a chick that he isn't 100% attracted to.

When women like guys, their friends are really supportive. They tell them what to wear, how to "push 'em together", and "stick it out". This is why it's not hard for women to get men. If a woman is even average looking, she can get a man who would be considered "good-looking". She learns from her support system just like a baby that has the support from his or her parents to keep walking and talking. This is why you may see a woman who is never single...even after she breaks up with a man. There is always a guy waiting for her to break up. This is when he slides in and fills that slot.

Men, unfortunately, don't really have the same support system. Instead men have a bunch of friends who they're trying to impress. If he gets rejected by a girl, his friends will sometimes make fun of him, which makes things worse. His friends are not people to look for support. He needs to go a different route. Getting confidence takes time and patience. It doesn't happen overnight.

If you took one month and dedicated that time to talking to hot women, sink or swim, it will increase you success faster than you've ever thought was possible. Imagine going up to a woman who would be considered a dime and just talking to her like she's a normal human being. You're not stumbling over your words, you're talking without censoring your words, and you're doing all this with sheer confidence. This is not out of your reach. It can be done right now.

All you need is one solid month to get confidence talking to hot women. As a matter of fact you can have that confidence in a matter of days. Click the link below to learn how to go from nervous and shy to effortlessly confident.

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