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A Short Story, Jeffery's Guilty Pleasure

November 27, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 188

Jeffery, understood the dynamics of an affair outside of the marriage even before he asked the tall, slender, long, legged, beauty, for her telephone number. He knew, he was wrong, he knew, it would cost him. He knew he was headed for trouble.

Jeffery had been at this door before, but had never gone through. After four years of an almost lifeless marriage, he was ready for some action. Sure, there was lovemaking every other month, his wife, flat on her back, him on top, a few signs of life, then it was over. A shower for her, then to sleep. No foreplay, no extra side treats, straight, same old lovemaking position. Jeffery wanted more!

Maybe a little, guilty pleasure, might be OK, Jeffery thought to himself. It wasn't like he planned it. He just allowed it. He did nothing to stop the actions which would ultimately destroy his family.

After the first child was born, in his marriage, he, had decided to give his wife more time, to come around to his way of thinking. Then it was approaching the creation of a second child, and Jeffery still felt a need to be touched in ways which his wife, had seemingly forgotten.

He had felt cheated. He had expressed his concerns before they were married. He had explained to her that lovemaking was an important part of the relationship for him. She had assured him, that he didn't have to worry. Did she lie? Or did having a child decrease his wife's desire for lovemaking?

Jeffery was tired of thinking about it. Begging was not his style, baby or no baby. An affair had to be the answer.

Gena, his blue, eyed brunette was the diversion which created the guilty pleasure. (This month's lovemaking tip:) The lovemaking was unbelievably hot, from his toes to the top of his head. Gena had a way, of breaking a man down, slowly and deliberately. She made love like it was some kind of cooking receipt. "When man is relaxed, then excite him passionately, then cool him down, only to excite him again, in a different way."

By the time Jeffery tried to slow and cool the affair, it was too late. Gena was on his mind and in his heart. It would be several years later that he would learn that his blue, eyed, brunette, had started the relationship with every intent on breaking up his marriage. She had, in her mind, replaced his wife, the first time they had a sexual encounter.

Three years later, after a nasty divorce, during the time his wife was pregnant with their second child, Jeffery finally understood. Because the affair was that of guilty pleasure, it had been excessively hot. Now that the same relationship was older and no longer forbidden, it too, was experiencing lack! Where was the passion, which he experienced when he first met his long, legged, mistress? Had deceit replaced the pleasure?

It took a while, but Jeffery felt guilty for robbing the mother of his two children of her right "not" to be the third person, in a mental threesome. And because of the guilt, the new relationship was in trouble too.

Jeffery was not sure of what to do. He didn't know how to make it right and he didn't want to return to his marriage. His current relationship offered little and the only people in the world whom he trusted were his two children.

Fortunately for him, his career and stayed in tack while his life had taken a roller coaster ride. Perhaps he would now concentrate on his work and his kids. His thoughts just did not deliver a solution which he felt comfortable with. Perhaps in time, love would revisit him.

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