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Valerie, A Story of a Vamp

February 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 152

The moon was just starting to peek through the grey clouds as dusk descended on the dark street. Valerie moved into position just out of sight of the busy street in front of her, under a dim streetlight. She was dressed in a bright polka-dot baby-doll style dress with her black shining hair done in long pigtails swept over her thin shoulders. She had a little make-up on to brighten her cheeks, but otherwise she looked the picture of a sweet little girl in distress. She was only ten years old, but she looked a little younger. She looked innocent, but she was not...all the better to attract the wolves.

Valerie knew the score. She had for a long time. Certain types of men were attracted to waifs like her, and she had to use that to her advantage-if she were to survive. She hated her life, what she had to do, but she did it in order to live. That was the way of it and had been for a while now, ever since she had been captured by three wicked vampires. She was the lure that brought the men to their deaths at the hands of the blood-sucking leeches. It was her job to get the men into a deserted back alley where the vampires could suck the blood out of their victims.

Valerie paused under the streetlight waiting and watching for the right person to come along. This street was not your best neighborhood and was not entirely safe for a young girl like her. But she was in no danger, not with the vampires watching her back. They couldn't afford to lose her. She was their meal ticket.

Valerie spied a likely candidate, a man who had approached one of the prostitutes on the street. He had failed to negotiate with the woman, who had pushed him harshly away. Supposedly he had failed to meet even the lowly prostitute's standards, or perhaps he just didn't have the price. He looked desperate, and he looked shady. That was just the type of person Valerie needed. He would probably be interested in her. He would probably want to use her for his own evil purposes, however sexually perverted that might be. Those types of men were always attracted to young girls like her.

The vampires had constantly drilled into her head that men like that didn't deserve to live anyways. They deserved what came their way in the alley after the vampires got hold of them. Valerie didn't necessarily agree. Every one deserved a chance at life, but she didn't have a choice. If she didn't do as the vampires asked her, her own life would be forfeit-and she was too young and scared to do anything else but follow their orders.

If anything, Valerie was a superb actress. The vampires had taught her well. She started forward out of the shadows to confront the man.

"Please, mister. Can you help me? I'm lost!" Valerie tugged at his grey, ragged coat sleeve.

The man looked down at her, startled at first. One didn't often run into sweet little girls on their own in this neighborhood. His eyes brightened. Valerie could tell he was high on something.

"Please mister!" Valerie pleaded again.

No-one else on the street paid them any attention. They were all involved in their own problems and didn't have time for anyone else, especially a charity case. It was all about survival. Every person had to look out for themselves, just as Valerie was trying to do.

"Well, sure sweetie. What's the problem?" The man's eyes narrowed as he looked at her.

"I'm lost." Valerie repeated. "I need to get home."

"Of course I'll help you." The man said, his voice soft and eerie. He looked around at all the people on the street to make sure no-one was watching. He took Valerie's hand. It felt cold and clammy in hers.

"Let's go somewhere where you can tell me all about it." The man led her back beyond the activity on the street. That was just as Valerie wanted.

The man crooned softly to her the whole time, tugging at her arm as if she were resisting. He licked his dry lips.

Valerie tried not to think too much about what was going to happen. This man had no idea what his fate was. Valerie knew. He had no chance at all now.

They came to the alley where the vampires were waiting. The man didn't hesitate as Valerie took the lead into the darker passageway. He followed her not realizing why she was going in there. He didn't even think about it. He was set on his own plan to abuse her, Valerie was certain. Maybe she was doing the world a favor by getting rid of this dirty old man. Maybe if he died, one other young girl would be saved. At least, that is what Valerie tried to believe so that she could live with herself for what she was doing.

Valerie stopped a little ways into the alley and took her had out of the man's. He looked a little puzzled.

"What's wrong? Let's just go down here and think how we can get you back home." He started to reach for her again. That's when the vampires swung into action.

The man was hit from three sides as the vampire pounced on him. Valerie was pushed out of the way. She stumbled and landed on her rump, dirtying her pretty dress. She crawled out of the way back against the dingy bricked alley wall as fast as she could. There was no telling what would happen if she got in the way of their kill. Once they started on their blood-letting, they lost control. She didn't want to be involved in that.

Valerie scrambled to her feet and fled the alley as fast as her little legs would carry her. It was not fast enough. She saw as Carrie, the female vampire, tore out the man's throat with her sharp teeth. Blood gushed out and flowed to the pavement. The second vampire, Jack, ripped off the man's right arm, the bone shattered and the veins hanging loose. The man was howling in pain and his eyes were livid. The vampires were eating him alive, tearing him into pieces. Nathan, the lead vampire, had hold of his leg and bit into it savagely.

Valerie couldn't watch anymore. She turned her back on the grisly scene and ran back out to the streetlight. She felt better under the dim light. Any light seemed friendly at that point. She was frightened, even though this was a common occurrence for her. She had no stomach for the sickening scene she had left. It always left her chilled and empty, and so self-degrading. Why did she have to take part in this horrible scene? Why couldn't she live a normal life like other little girls did? She wanted to so badly, but she didn't have a choice. If she didn't do as the vampires said, she would end up just like that man.

Valerie stayed where she was, hugging the streetlamp's pole. Soon the vampires would be finished and they would take her home. Then she could cry herself to sleep and dream of the day that she might escape. She thought of escape often but did not know how she would accomplish it. She was so young and she knew so little about the world outside of her grisly experience. She didn't know where to go or whom to turn to for help. Anytime she asked for help from anyone, they always seemed to want to use her in some evil way. Were all people like that? Valerie didn't want to think so. There was a time, when her parents had been alive and she didn't live with the vampires, that she remembered good people. She had to keep that thought in her heart.

Someday, Valerie thought, she would escape; she would get free of those horrible creatures and find a new life. But not today. Valerie was not prepared for what life had in store for her in the future. She would have to bind her time and wait for the right moment. Hopefully that would come soon.

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