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The Queen's Proposal

July 30, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 157

Once upon a time in Nepal, there lived a windowed monarch. This monarch was lonely without a spouse. It is hard to explain about loneliness of a woman. Some suggest that only women can understand women; about being widow and lonely forever.

They call her "The Queen" simply by her common name rather being called by elite name. She loved the country very much, and there was never a doubt in a single ordinary people's mind how much caring, loving, and faithful their Queen was.

The Queen once held a public announcement to offer a great authoritative position in her palace.

In her newsletter announcement:

"The Palace of Nepal is seeking for possible candidates for authoritative task, anyone who is eligible to apply. The choice criteria are a man above the age of 18 years."

Thousands of people applied for the task, and the choice was very strict. Only two possible candidates got selected for handling an authoritative task in the palace.

These two possible candidates were, Mr. A and Mr. B. Both the candidates were highly skilled, professional, and equal very competitively.

When Queen saw both Mr. A and B. She looked at them very carefully from the top to bottom. She then asked for the candidates saying, "Actually, we lied to you about the public announcement by just saying for an authoritative task; however, it is only just an authoritative task but more is there into this job."

Mr. A and B. just nodded saying, "Yes, madam."

But, I have the job for only one eligible candidate among two of you. I cannot take you both for the job. Therefore, I will give you a task, which will select only one best suitable person for the job. Okay, Madam, they said.

The queen ordered a cow and asked for both Mr. A and B to look after the cow carefully and find number of white hairs in a cow.

A cow had several dark and white patches, and it was not an easy task to find out how many white hairs a cow had.

The queen further suggested that both the candidates would have one hour of time to finish their work. You time starts now, she said.

Mr. A started to look carefully at the cow. He noted white patches in the cow and counted some white hair in the white patches only. Furthermore, he then counted white patches. Then, he found an average hair in white patches of a cow. To find white hairs in a cow, he multiplied hair found in a single white patch with the total number of white patches and came with a total score. He took completely about an hour to complete his work.

But, Mr. B started to analyze the question Queen had given. He felt bad about the question and started to think why Queen has to give such a stupid question after all. Why would not she give some easy question? Moreover, he started to question the question. He spent much of his time thinking about the question and validity of Queen's question. He looked at a cow, but his mind was all over the cow without clear focus or determination to solve a given task.

He thought, "This Queen is really mad, she does not know how to test an ordinary man. How on earth I shall find white hair in a cow; it is like finding number of stars in the sky or hair in man or women's hair. It seems to me that a loneliness of a woman can create many mental problems in their head. I never expected such a silly task from a famous and renowned Queen of our country."

The analysis of a question took rather very long time for Mr. B. He was running out of time. Eventually, he wrote a random number of white hairs in a cow and submitted his answer.

The queen looked after both the answer and the way to solve. Queen then said to both Mr. A and Mr. B that you both did a good work.

A time to select only one candidate came and Queen said, "Mr. A, as winner for the job and Mr. B as looser for the job."

Mr. B was not satisfied with the last choice. He asked, "What is the reason that you have selected Mr. A and not me?" I need your clarification on this one-sided choice.

Queen said, "The reason you were not selected was that you lacked both focus and determination. It is one thing to solve a problem, but it is another thing to find routes to a task. The way in which you solved your task was utterly meaningless. As we have observed the way you both approach your problems, we have seen that you spent much of your time criticizing the task and not solving a task. There was no logic in your solution. But, your counterpart, Mr. A was full of logic and he was trying extremely hard to count white hairs in a cow. We understand that it is an impossible task to count white hairs in a cow, but we wanted to see, the way in which both of you will approach a task."

Mr. B felt guilty of what he did and the way he solved the task or a problem. He could not say much after that, he learned his lesson and never again complain about anything in his life. His motto of life was completely changed.

He finally was heard saying in a local public classroom, "Students, always try to analyze first the task or problem and not questioning the problem giver, moreover, gives more time to improve yourself so that you do not have time to criticize things, people, places or anything or anybody related to your social or political life."

Santosh Kalwar

Source: EzineArticles
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