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The Dream Series I: Flight To Unknown Destination

April 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 167

Part I: Blessed but bankrupt.

I was in a dream with much money on my person, sufficient funds, with a visa on my passport to an unknown destination. I was in an ecstatic state of joy because of the destination even though I do not know my final destination. However as with dreams it never occurred to me the need to check my Passport to confirm my destination. As far as I was concerned, the destination -where ever that would be- was a dream come true and long expected. I was flushed with excitement about the prospects of travelling out, I thought; «God has been merciful to me"!

As earlier mentioned, I had all that was needed to enable me embark on a flight to 'only God knows where'. I not only had sufficient funds and a valid Visa, but also ample time to prepare for the journey.

Then came the day of my much anticipated departure; to my uttermost shock, and most frightening profundity, I had left several things undone; one: I had not bought a 'Ticket' despite the 'Sufficient Funds' at my disposal; two: I had exhausted the 'Sufficient Funds'; three: I had forgotten to secure a 'Transit Visa' (In the dream I understood that my flight would stop over briefly at a Transit Point- Saudi Arabia- before continuing to its final unknown destination).

I found my entire situation most distressing, downright disappointing, sad and to say the least shameful, not to say out rightly disgraceful. I was in a state of panic; words cannot fully appropriately express how I felt within me. Suffice to say I was perplexed, completely overwhelmed, confused and at a loose.

PART 2: Plunging and emerging.

It was in that state of extreme emotional shock that I lapsed unconsciously into a mental recall; seeking, searching, prodding deeply within for a clue, or a glimmer of hope, a beam of light to illuminate the sudden darkness that had enveloped me.

So began my descent into my depths. I spiraled within the inner self like an astronaut in orbit, weightless and floating in a timeless void. I was at the mercy of the invisible spiritual elements of gravity that pushed, pulled, and tugged at me. Then I felt a gradual warm glowing as within, and in my unconscious state I felt a sudden apprehension of a fire on the aftermath of the warming glow. At that point I felt lights flashing, and I plunged deeper, thunderous flashes swallowed me whole as I was sucked deeper yet into an abyss of dazzling blinding kaleidoscopes of colors; then pitch dark blackness.

I struggled to gain vision, slowly the dark faded and I surfaced into consciousness, I saw clearer, and comprehended better.

At this point I will like to mention that the experiences I narrated above are a spiritual phenomenon I am unable to explain for better comprehension. Just as in dreams I am unable to explain the depths of the transformation narrated above.

In my conscious state I could fathom from the 'plunging and emerging' an ethereal insight, echoing; "there be in life reasons for every matter -even the seasons have reasons- but it is folly to apply self to reasons; wiser to engage the mind on the lessons of every season in the course of life". As the echoes faded I became filled with calm like a river.

Then again I sat and took flight on the wings of thought. As I soared, I saw a mountain and nestled on it. There on the mountain the view became clearer; I saw that I needed no 'Transit Visa' from my departure point (I could secure a transit visa on arrival at the transit point) to land in Saudi Arabia for an onward connecting flight to my final 'Unknown Destination'. My thoughts fluttered and twittered in the nest; of what use is this knowledge without a flight ticket, and without funds? I kept pondering and wondering why?

I mean I had 'sufficient funds, ample time and a visa' to an unknown but cherished destination; but I could still end up zero. I continued to mourn my failure, loathing myself, my waste, and who knows, possibly my death.

When I came to surface I became conscious of a mass of people around me, of noises, humans going and coming, and like one recovering from a trance, better still from a daze, I slowly adjusted to my surrounding. I was jolted quicker reality by the barking and howling of a dog. To my utter dismay I realized the dog was actually confronting me. I ushered it away, but to my surprise it kept circling me as if to pounce on me. And not too soon, another dog joined in, they both were violently barking, viciously growling, and moving in circles around me. By now I was very much alert and very frightened. More as a precaution to defend myself than actually meaning to attack them I kicked out at them. I was consciously mindful and afraid that they could leap at me.

As this dangerous scenario played out I observed with some little relief that there was a young woman close by me. Despite the situation I was in, I found enough wit to inform the young lady that the 'demonic dogs' could do a lot of harm to someone if they are not driven off.

As if this was the signal the dogs were waiting for, they suddenly went off control and came closer -growling, snarling and barking violently as thick froth of saliva streamed down their bared canines- threatening to launch at me any moment. Every inch I backed up they came launching violently closer. By now I was shouting at the top of my voice to scare them off, kicking, striking, and lashing out wildly with my legs and arms, expecting soon to feel their canines sinking and tearing deep into my flesh. I was already anticipating dog bites all over my body as I kept up my feeble defense. Cannot tell how long this went on, however to my surprise I discovered the dogs were gone, and an even bigger surprise was that I was unhurt. However, as I looked around me, I saw on the ground a dead fowl, and a dead goat obviously bitten to death by the demonic ravaging dogs; blood was seeping out of their dead carcasses. I found it all strange, and unnerving.

Part 3: Strange mysteries

When my eyes eventually steadied to my surrounding I was surprised that the young woman I had earlier spoken to was still around, and worse, she's been bitten by the demon-dogs with blood gushing from her palms profusely. I became instantly concerned about her welfare, and quickly attended to her, informing her of the need for immediate medical treatment to nullify the effect of infection that could possibly cost her, her life.

But to my surprise she rebuffed my suggestions, insisting she is okay. I observed that she was much agitated, and somehow I intuitively sensed that the cause of her state of anxiety has nothing to do with the dog bites. The young woman seemed rather irritated by my concern, and would rather move on; obviously she has more serious concerns than a mere dog bite. I was to latter discover that her anxieties were not due to her present predicament but rather for a reason most confounding.

Meanwhile other people present at the scene pleaded with her, insisting she attended to the urgency of her injuries. But she refused all entreaties in this regard, explaining that she is due in some few minutes to board a flight at the airport, and she tendered her ticket as proof. It was then that it dawned on me fully the reasons for her anxieties, and agitation. We all persisted that she could still die from the bites even if she does make it to the airport. I passionately implored her to save her life before it is too late. Suddenly it was as if the pressure was too much for her as she broke down in tears, finally accepting my pleas to attend her injuries.

What happened next was the Mother of all surprises; turning to face me directly she handed me her flight ticket, assuring me that I would not encounter any difficulty in using it.

Now, for those not steeped in the things of the spirit, this may seem illogical; first, she is female, and I am male, how could I possibly use her flight ticket? Secondly, the name on her ticket contradicts the name on my passport. But we are aware that the carnal mind cannot discern, nor comprehend the things of the spirit. But even more so dreams are very strange mysteries.

The word for those who because of their hardness of heart, or better still ignorance refuse, deny, condemn or view with skepticism spiritual mysteries and truths, hidden as it were in circumstances and occurrences in the affairs of men, what they ought understand is that earthly calculations do not and cannot equate heavenly formula, neither can earthly formulas equate heavenly calculations. We all are aware that dreams are incomprehensive phenomenon, a mystery in its form and presentation. We cannot fully comprehend it even with interpretations given us by God.

Dreams are platforms through which the Almighty God grants us mortals' access or glimpses into the invisible realm; we are for brief interludes permitted to behold life in the infinite, we are given messages, visions, revelations -about our problem riddled lives on this earthly course- which the ordinary mind cannot discern, nor decipher. It is only those who have the gift of interpretation and discernment that can discern, articulate, and comprehend fully the mysteries therein. As with dream the experiences are sometimes downright weird, and most often strange.

Now back to the issue at hand; those who are spiritual will be able to understand the backdrop under which the young woman offered me her flight ticket. As I had earlier mentioned, I had a visa but no ticket, now I have been mysteriously offered a flight ticket. It all suddenly seems to add up; the jigsaw has falling into place. The next logical action is to quickly proceed to the airport and board the flight.

The carnal could ask, what is the guarantee that the flight ticket given by the young woman is booked to transit in Saudi Arabia?

The guarantee is the fact that I have not only been issued a visa on my passport, to 'only God knows where'; but presently and mysteriously I have been offered a flight ticket under 'only God knows how circumstances'. I pray some can understand, because only God can create the strangest, unbelievable, and mysterious scenarios to bring to pass His divine will for the common good of men.

Part 4: Real and surreal

Then all of a sudden I awoke from the dream, back to reality.

To reality of senses, touches, feelings, reasoning, wondering and pondering; back to a world where the surreal can be real, and the real, surreal.

So I pondered and wondered on, seeking meaning, the significance, and the lessons therein.

As I sat up on my bed in quietness, I tracked back to the beginning of the dream, slowly covering the phases; then as if it had all been rehearsed into my memory, everything thing started to play out without any visible effort. Like a jigsaw the components came together in head.

Interpretation of the Dream:

• Visa -The 'visa' is our salvation. It assures us of exemption from God's righteous anger upon the ungodly.

I thank God for bestowing upon me -but also upon others- such great and unmerited Grace.

• Sufficient Funds -represents the Holy Spirit given to enable those whom God has called and chosen to accomplish all things.

-Our infidelity, unfaithfulness, and negative attitude could easily grieve the Holy Spirit, and we could end up empty.

-My prayer is that those privileged to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit will not be as slothful, complacent, and wasteful as I was in the dream.

• Unknown Destination -This is our Eternal Heavenly Home.

• Ample Time -This depicts God's long suffering, forbearance, tolerance, and patience which are intended to bring both the ungodly, and backslidden to repentance. God intends that humans ponder their ways, and reorder their steps aright. It is also a period given to believers to fortify their faith and live righteous lives in order to arrive at the 'Unknown Destination'.

-My fervent prayer is that God's long suffering would result in repentance in the lives of billions still ignorantly living in sin.

• Scheduled Flight Day- Symbolizes Judgment Day for all of God's saints [The Household of God]. Those on board that flight are only the Chosen -those with Salvation. This flight will land at the 'Transit Point'.

• Transit Visa -Symbolizes the records, and details of the activities, and lifestyles of all humans while on earth.

• Transit Point -Symbolizes the judgment seat of God where He will pronounce His final judgment on all humanity.

Part 5: Narrative Interpretation

As I earlier mentioned, those on board the Scheduled Flight are the Chosen; those with salvation.

The Transit Point is the final judgment.

Several flights will land at the Transit Point; the flight carrying only the Chosen will land here, other flights carrying others of divers faiths will also stop over here.

At the judgment seat of Jesus Christ those with valid transit visas -who lived righteously- will proceed to board another flight for the final destination to Heaven.

Those with invalid transit visas -who lived unrighteous- will be gathered up for eternal punishment.

Conclusively, the dream in itself is a warning to me not to continue in slothfulness, idleness, apostasy, and sinful life styles.

We are all advised to endeavor to start living Godlier lifestyles. Men are admonished to 'LOVE, and FEAR GOD', shun evil ways, give a good account while here, so as to be counted worthy of 'Our Most Sacred Faith'.

As it is written; "Let him that has hears, hear what the spirit says"

Mr. Boyewa T'Oritshe-Nunu is first and foremost an evangelist, writer and Translator. He is based in Cotonou, Benin republic in Africa.

There are more to your dreams than mets the eyes. For more information contact;

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