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Office Politics - Excerpt

January 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 189

Dina and Shinea huddled together and watched as Michael, the new office boy, grunted and groaned over the copy machine."Damn thing always needs fixed," he griped to the general air.Sweating, he began removing his shirt, revealing his muscular hot body."He's gorgeous," Dina whispered into Shinea's ear."A dreamboat," Shinea agreed.

Over in another corner of the office, Ruby was just finishing up the day's reports.She had to rush home to pick out something elegant and get ready for the big office party that evening.It was the Boss's birthday.Nobody was allowed to miss that shindig; everyone and their horniest dog would be there.Glancing with a sigh at her watch as she swept silently out of her cubicle, Ruby thought: perhaps I'll make someone into my dog tonight!

Ruby sidled over to the two girls breathlessly eyeballing the cute office boy and hissed censoriously at both of them, "Sorry girls, he's all mine."

"I doubt that," Shinea giggled."There's a new girl from Packaging and she's already set her cap for him.""What?"Ruby, though seldom nonplussed, was.She was the type to thoroughly analyze certain people, then move slowly into vivisecting their vibrating mental carcasses.If that was the fate they so happened to deserve.It usually was. Catching her by surprise was a very rare event.

"The new girl is Kathy Viatta, that Italian number.She's almost a sylph, Ruby, but with an ass the size of Manhattan Island.Four years younger than you.And she's as sweet, naïve and innocent as the day is long.Sorry, but you've lost our Michael," Dina apologetically demurred."He's already asked her to the party!"The two ladies twittered like softly fluttering leaves, not meaning to laugh at their redheaded coworker.Ruby Dakota was the best and hardest worker Viceroy Inc. had ever hired."Almost a sylph?I'll make short work of her," breathed Ruby to herself.Her ample bosom rose and fell with a gathering storm of sensuous anger."Will she be at the party tonight?""Of course, she's new, but everyone from our department has to be there.You know the Boss.Say, Ruby, why don't you play one of your famous practical jokes on her?The Boss always loves a good laugh.Do something sexy!"

"Something sexy..."Ruby's alabaster chest and throat, choked with rage, swelled, her perfectly round nipples swiftly hardening under her tight silver satiny blouse.It pulled threateningly at its genuine pearl buttons, revealing through its cracks an emerald green bra underneath.Her signature ruby choker almost popped off her taught and reddening neck.She took a straddling stance, suddenly dominating the entire office, and declared, "By the midnight hour, get ready for the sexiest, wildest, and cruelest practical joke that you've ever seen in public!"

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