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Humility and Boundless Ecstasy

January 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 155

The train gradually slowed down and with moderate screeching sound stopped at the designated platform. The hustling and bustling sound of railway station was conspicuous by the arrival and departure of people. The happiness and gloomy feelings on the faces of people were reflecting the reunion and separation of near and dear one respectively. However, Catherine was an exception. This town was totally a strange place for her. The agony and confusion were clearly visible on her face. She was scared, and the early-morning dew and overcast sky has made her depressed too.

Catherine got down from the compartment and slowly walking towards the retiring room. She entered and kept her baggage in the storing facility. She was alone and quite clueless for her next move. She refreshed and went outside, fetched coffee and returned. She was slowly sipping the coffee and thinking what her future would be? She was engrossed profoundly in her thoughts and failed to notice that the priest has entered the retiring room and sat opposite to her on the couch. After few moments, she looked towards the priest and suddenly felt a sense of security.

She said, 'Good Morning Father. I am Catherine.'

The priest replied, 'Good Morning my child. I am Jonathan.'

Catherine's apprehensive feelings were conspicuous and visible. Father Jonathan read her face and enquired, 'Are you new to this town?'

Catherine replied, yes, Father.

Jonathan said, 'Welcome to Thousand Oaks. I am sure you will be comfortable in these friendly environments.'

He further enquired, "Where do you intend staying and with whom?"

At this moment, she started crying and sobbing heavily. Jonathan approached close to her and gently put her hand over her head. He asked her to calm down. He asked, 'What was bothering her? '

She said that it was a long story, and she needs a quieter place and privacy too.

Jonathan asked her to accompany him to the church.

She thanked Father Jonathan and smiled.

The commotion and confusion ceased within her heart and mind. She felt relieved and satisfied momentarily. She thanked God for His mercy.

A little later the chauffeur came to the retiring room and informed Father Jonathan that the transport is ready and started picking up his baggage. Father Jonathan asked the chauffeur to carry Catherine's baggage too, as she will accompany him to the church. Both have departed and remained quiet during the passage. The short distance from the railway station to the church took little less than fifteen minutes. They have arrived and proceeded to the Father Jonathan's chamber. Jonathan asked her secretary to accommodate Catherine in the staff room. He asked Catherine that after breakfast, she can come to his office and discuss her problems. He assured her that he should be able to find a solution which will be suitable and satisfactory.

After the breakfast, Catherine came and met Father Jonathan's secretary. She ushered her in Father Jonathan's office. He asked her to take a seat on the couch. She made herself comfortable and felt relaxed. Jonathan took little time and issued some instructions to the staff and asked them to disturb him only if there is anything important or urgent. He came and sat beside Catherine. Father Jonathan observed that she was very beautiful and well behaved. She was soft- spoken, and her mannerisms exhibit her personality. He asked Catherine to open her heart and speaks whatever she has to say without any hesitation and fear. It puts Catherine in a very comfortable position. However, she was in a dilemma; where to begin and where to end.

Jonathan observed uncertainties on her face and asked, "What made her to take a trip to this small town?"

She started speaking in a low tone but determined to say the entire sequence of events prior to leaving her home until she met Jonathan. She once again looked into Jonathan's eyes and saw benevolent look and sympathy. She started narrating the synopsis of her life in a melancholy tone:

"I was the only daughter, and my loving parents were always appreciating my work and activities. I was a kind and friendly girl among county friends. I was very popular and admired by the school staff. Being intelligent and extrovert in nature I made my presence felt among all. I have completed my schooling and secured admission in the university.

At this crucial juncture, a tragedy took a heavy toll on me. My parents died within a short span of the couple of months. I was lonely and depressed. However, I have not lost any hope of completing my university degree. While I was in the campus, I have met Hector. He was also a fresher in the university. They became friendly and gradually involved with each other. A clean and healthy companionship has turned into a passionate involvement leading to tie a nuptial knot.

The initial happy days and cloud nine feelings quickly turned down the hill rather unexpectedly. What went wrong with him is still a mystery; the situation took an ugly turn and has become unethical too. Hector has become alcoholic and started torturing her mentally and physically. I tried to reconcile yet failed to pacify him. A couple of days later, the situation became not only ugly but also dangerous too. I narrowly missed a fatal attack. I managed to run away and escaped from him. I did not know where I was heading what lay ahead for me. It was a blessing that I met you, and rest is an unfinished story."

Jonathan heard with patience and asked her to be bold and use her heart and mind judiciously. He asked her to go to another town where she may find opportunities for studies and employment. He gave her some money and brought a ticket. He also gave few contact numbers so that she can utilize them as deem fit. She thanked Father Jonathan and left his office as the train was due for departure in thirty minutes. She arrived at the station and waited for the train's arrival. The train has arrived on time, and she boarded the settle down in her seat. Her journey was expected to be of four-hour durations. She, finally, arrived at the destination late in the afternoon. She has disembarked from the train and went to the retiring room.

She was started calling the numbers, and only one individual responded. She has explained to him her purpose of coming to the town. He asked her to wait at the station as he will meet her in thirty-minutes. The waiting period has appeared as if she was waiting for ages. Finally, Mr. Robertson, an elderly person arrived and asked her to accompany him. They have arrived at his home. He introduced Catherine to his wife. He explained to her about Father Jonathan's recommendation and asking him to render assistance to Catherine as deem fit.

Mrs. Robertson has accommodated Catherine in her house and gave her some information of agencies, which provides employment by charging some fee. Catherine immediately started searching for job opportunities and also was in touch with agencies. She did get employment on the part-time basis, but it was insufficient to sustain and pull along independently. She has selected a café for her supper as it was inexpensive to eat there. She was worried as the days passed by and no sign of any full-time employment. One day Mr. Robertson informed that his wife is not comfortable with her staying for longtime with them. He asked her to find an alternate place to live.

While she was still struggling to find a suitable job that can fetch her sufficient funds, she came in contact with a woman in the restaurant. She approached near her table and asked permission to join her. She smiled and nodded in affirmative.

She introduced herself as Ms. Joyce Middleton.

Catherine replied, 'I am Catherine."

After exchanging pleasantries Joyce enquired, 'are you new to this place?'

Catherine replied,' Yes and said that she is also seeking employment.'

Joyce enquired, 'Where does she stay?'

Catherine replied, 'At present she is staying with Mr. Robertson.'

She will move out of the house once she finds a suitable employment and a place to stay in all by herself.

Joyce asked Catherine to accompany her to her house and be her guest for the dinner. Catherine accepted her offer, and they proceeded to her house.Joyce's house was very posh and in the upscale neighbourhood. She noticed something unusual about the environment. Its appearance resembles like a high profile joint of call girls. Joyce could read her face and without losing any time she narrated the synopsis of her business. Joyce offered her place to stay and a handsome earning. Catherine was, initially, dumbfounded and refused her offer. She decided to leave her house at once, but stayed on for some unknown reasons. They have finished the dinner in almost quietness, barring needing basis conversation. Finally, Catherine excused herself and took her permission to leave. She thanked her for being nice and considerate, but failed to accommodate her request.

Catherine returned home and felt very uncomfortable in Mr. Roberson's home. She could hear the bickering among them and arguments about her continued stay with them. The following morning Mrs. Robertson asked Catherine to leave her house in a week's time. Catherine kept quiet and nodded in affirmative.Every day she leaves the house in the early morning and returned very late in the night. Her financial condition depleted, and she was on the brink of becoming a wreck. She, finally, knocks the door of Joyce and accepted her offer. She returned home and collected her belongings, cleaned her bedroom and prepared to leave. She waited for Mr. and Mrs. Robertson to wake up. When both have come to the living room then she thanked them for being kind and helpful and left their home.

She arrived at Joyce's house and pressed the call bell. The Guard opened the door and ushered her to waiting room. Catherine was looking at the expensive and beautiful chandelier and evaluating Joyce's earnings. A little later Joyce came and welcomes Catherine. She has explained details of her business, which requires etiquette and mannerism, besides making the client happy and satisfied. She was allotted a separate bedroom with all amenities of expensive and luxurious fittings and fabrics. Joyce called in the night and asked her to be ready for her visit to a client.

Her clientele included top executives, big businessmen and politicians. Catherine accompanied the gentleman, and they drove to his resort. They spend the weekend, and the client was happy and satisfied too. She has obliged him in a best possible manner. Her beauty and mannerism were appreciated by the clients. Prior to Catherine's return to her house, the clients gave her an envelope and said that it was exclusive for her. She thanked him and went to Ms. Joyce. Ms. Joyce said that the client was very happy by her conduct and behaviour. She said, "You are different than other girls."

Catherine returned to her bedroom and took to shower and slept. Suddenly, she was woken up in the night and felt miserable. She started crying as it was not her cup of tea. She has compromised in a difficult situation. This routine has continued for a year, and she realised that the major share of her earning is taken over by Ms. Joyce. She was short of funds and still unable to live in a leased apartment on her own.

Over a period of time, she has learnt the tricks of the trade. She has an advantage of being beautiful, soft-spoken and an intelligent girl. She also knew how to carry herself with different clients in various situations. Besides, she has developed a good rapport with reputable hotels, which cater to fulfil the desires of upscale society for business favours. She was debating when and how to leave Ms. Joyce's home and start on her own. She has few options and wanted to try out in a very tactful manner.

The following day she approached Ms. Joyce and said, "I want a day off as I have a disturbed sleep last night."

Ms. Joyce asked her if she would like to spend some time in the town.

She replied, "No. I would rather spend in the home and relax."

Ms. Joyce was satisfied and asked her to join her for breakfast. It was very unusual, as Ms. Joyce never entertained her girls and always maintained a business-like relationship. However, Catherine was an exception as she was totally different than other girls.

Catherine was waiting for an opportunity, and she decided to take full advantage of the situation. Catherine finished her morning routine and dressed decently and went to the dining hall and waited for Ms. Joyce. She was reading a book and making some notes. Ms. Joyce has arrived, but Catherine pretended as if she did not notice her presence. Joyce wished Catherine and suddenly she got up from the seat and replied with an apology. Joyce appreciated her manners and smiled and hugged her. Catherine kept the book on the table in such a manner that the title was distinctly noticeable, besides the notebook and the pencil.Ms. Joyce enquired, what she was reading; certainly, it is not a fiction novel?

Catherine replied that since she discontinued her college education and would like to fulfil her desire to complete the undergraduate degree. She also added that she doesn't know when it will be accomplished. Ms. Joyce took a soft corner for her and offered to provide some facility in the existing home. Catherine, thanked her, but tactfully declined as it will be unsuitable in the existing situations. However, she would continue and complete some portion of the syllabus while she is still here. They finished their breakfast and left towards their respective rooms accordingly.

After about a month Catherine wanted a day off and expressed her desire to go to the mall. She promised to be back in three to four hours. Ms. Joyce obliged her, and Catherine went to the mall. She returned home keeping her promise and went into her room. She called Ms. Joyce and expressed her desire to show her shopping. Ms. Joyce asked to come to her room. Catherine went inside her room hugged her and said in a most charming and loving manner, "Happy birthday." She also presented her an expensive pearl necklace. Ms. Joyce felt immensely delighted and tears rolled down her cheeks. She said that it was ages, since she has celebrated her birthday.

She enquired, "how did she come to know about her birthday?"

Catherine replied that she saw her very gloomy in the evening and enquired from Ms. Woodward, a loyal and old associate of Joyce. She clarified that every year on her birthday; she felt lonely and sad and missed her family members. Therefore, she decided to share few happy moments with her. Joyce profoundly moved by Catherine's action and wanted to spend the evening with her in a restaurant.

Joyce also thanked her for the necklace. She knew it was very expensive and realized that it must have cost her entire saving.

Catherine asked her if she has read the card kept in the gift bag.

Joyce replied, 'No.'

She promised to read it immediately after they returned to their home.

Joyce came to her room and opened the card. She read the inscription written by Catherine in her own hand writing:

"The care you've given,And the wonderful love you've shown,Have enriched my life,In more ways than I can count."

Joyce came running to Catherine's room and hugged her and cried like a baby. She profoundly appreciated her warmheartedness and decency. She informed her categorically that from this moment, she will remain at home and stop all the previous activities. She excused herself and promised to return little late in the evening. The following day, Joyce asked Catherine to have food with her until she finds her own accommodation. She also asked her to concentrate on her studies.

Catherine realized a complete transformation in Joyce's attitude towards her. It was an intriguing and unbelievable development in such a short time. Catherine also noticed that the people and her staff in the house were paying special mark of respect to her. Her room interiors have changed to an expensive, elegant and decent style. At the outset, she was at a lost and quite confused person. However, she guessed the change of behavioural pattern of Joyce. It was her respect and mannerism towards her and the client's feedback. Although she has been in relationship with few men on the regular basis, yet the frequency was limited and restricted.

Catherine continued to stay at home and was enjoying the freedom from the undesirable business. On a Sunday morning, Joyce asked Catherine to accompany her to visit a villa. At first, she thought that her happiness and freedom were short-lived and felt gloomy about it. Joyce asked Catherine to put on her expensive dress suitable for the party. She obliged and both departed and arrived at a small villa in an upscale neighbourhood. They entered the villa which was decorated tastefully with expensive furniture and fittings. All the required gadgets of necessity and comforts were available. There was nobody in the villa barring these ladies.

Catherine was puzzled and scared too. However, she mustered enough courage and asked, 'Whose villa is this?'

Joyce smiled, and with tears in her eyes replied, 'It's your own villa.'

Catherine was dumb-founded and couldn't speak a word. It was unbelievable and a pleasant surprise too. She was still a confused person and unable to gauge the depth of humility in return for her kindness and mannerism. Joyce hugged her, and tears rolled down her cheeks. She apologized to Catherine for indulging her into such a business. However, she promised to protect her and help her in achieving her desired goals in life. Joyce handed over her a file folder and set of keys of the villa. She has also shown her the car parked in the garage. She wanted Catherine to spend the night in her own house in all the comforts without fear or agony. She left the place and promised to visit her the following evening provided she prepare a dinner for her.

Next day, an attorney called her and wanted to meet her to explain the legal formalities of the property. Catherine was yet to understand the motives behind all this development. He arrived on the appointed time and handed her a dossier and explained that she has inherited huge investments, and properties belonged to Ms. Joyce. He said that in future he will look after her interests as long as she wishes to do so. At that moment, Ms. Joyce arrived and informed Catherine that she will discuss some personal matters with her. After the formalities over, the attorney has departed leaving them lone in their house.Ms. Joyce asked Catherine to pay attention to what she wants to say, and she needs her help and support. Joyce has narrated her past briefly. She said, "I have missed my childhood, the kindness of relatives and others alike. I was molested and exploited by near and dear ones. Ultimately, become a call girl. I have, practically, forgotten the sincere love and affection of men and women in her life."

She has expressed with all sincerity that your birthday gift and greeting card have changed her life. She has decided to give up the unethical business and wanted to live with her as a mother. She looked into the eyes of Catherine, and the tears were rolling down her cheeks. Without uttering anything she has opened her heart. Catherine cried and hugged her and said repeatedly Oh! Mom, I love you and fainted in her arms. Initially, Joyce got worried but recouped her motherly energy and hugged and kissed her repeatedly. A little later Catherine came back to her senses and they both looked at each other and smiled.It was beginning of a new chapter in their lives. A coveted future lay ahead, which promises millions of smiles and abundant love between them. A new relationship developed on mutual trust, love, and affection. The bond between them resembled like opposite magnetic poles attracted to each other. They thanked God in unison and prayed that they should continue to live a decent and respectable life.

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