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Commitment And Reality

February 02, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 164

The nautical twilight was gradually merging with astronomical twilight. The darkness was spreading fast engulfing the town. The winter has its fury, and the wind chill effect was making life a bit more difficult. However, the fun-loving couples were enjoying the Christmas decorations and late-night shopping. The shopping mall was witnessing the hectic activities, and noticeable was the presence of pretty young Helen accompanied by Malcolm.

There was something very unusual about their behaviour. It was Malcolm's presence and conduct. He appeared to be jittery and needed a large peg of gin to pacify him. Why he was in such a mood, especially in the company of a beautiful Joyce? It was very confusing and difficult to understand his behaviour. The bond of love between the marriageable lad and a girl was lacking conspicuously. What has transpired and conspired between them was anybody's guess?

Edward a well-known business man and social worker happen to be in the same mall. While walking around the entertainment lounge, he saw Malcolm and Helen. He shouted, hello, Malcolm and Joyce; come and join me. He signalled them to follow the route. They acknowledged, and proceeded towards the entertainment lounge.

Edward knew the entire family of Helen. He also met Malcolm on the couple of occasions in Helen's home. His acquaintance with him was peripheral in nature and rather formal. Malcolm was sales executive in Software Company, whereas Edward was in garment manufacturing business. After the three joined together, they went into a cafe, and the steward ushered them upstairs in an executive lounge. Edward ordered some snacks and drinks.

Malcolm enquired, how is the market trend, especially in this recession?

Edward replied; he is fortunate that his line of business that specializes in designer wares for brides, and celebrity is doing well.

Malcolm abruptly asked him, "Have you designed wedding dress for Helen?"

In the spur of the moment, Edward answered in a business-like fashion. He said that usually the bride made a formal request for the dress. They are very particular and concerned about the minute details; Helen is yet to make a formal request.

Malcolm looked at Helen and without making any statement, his eyes and facial expression revealed his feelings. He was suffering from an inferiority complex. He suspected that there must be a relationship between Edward and Helen. Edward sensed the situation and tactfully diverted their attention towards the spot sale in the garment showroom. He asked Malcolm and Helen to accompany him so that they could pick up a name-brand suit or dresses at a throw away price. Helen understood the gravity of the situation and politely declined; instead, she went to visit a book store. She left the cafe; Malcolm and Edward went to the garment store.

After an hour, both returned to their lounge and waited for Helen. Later, she has arrived and joined them in the lounge. While the three were busy in convivial discussion, the stewards approach with a telephone and handed it Malcolm and said that Mr. Peterson was on the line. Edward excused himself and moved away to talk to Peterson. Malcolm looked at Helen with contempt and wanted to leave the place at once. They excused and left Edward alone. Edward sat down in the cafe, and made calls to his business associates.

On their way back, they remained silent until they reached her home. Malcolm said sorry and asked Helen to forgive his unwarranted behaviour. She nodded and said good night, and Malcolm departed. The following morning everybody was discussing the tentative date of marriage to make necessary arrangements. Helen could not make up her mind, and debating how to reveal her plans?

While all arrangements were being made, Helen asked Edward to prepare her wedding gown. It should be very unusual and simple, yet unique in style and design. A day before the marriage, Helen informed that she will spend the day with her friend and return home in the evening. While returning home she asked Edward for trying out the wedding gown. In wedding gown, Helen was looking stunning beautiful and very charming too. She reached home looking totally satisfied and very happy.

The day of the wedding, she left her home with a bag carrying her wedding gown and other necessary articles. She proceeded to the beauty parlor and finished her make up. She wore the wedding gown and waiting for someone very special. A car arrived, and she departed. It was the small church in the outskirt of the town where Helen and Daniel got married. They proceeded to a resort for their wedding night celebrations.

Everybody was waiting at the designated place barring Helen, the bride. The chaos and uneasiness were conspicuous by the absence of Helen and Edward. At that moment, Edward has arrived and handed over a note to the priest who read it as requested by Helen.

Hello Everybody,

It is certainly unethical, at the outset, yet it has its own sanctity. Malcolm is unsuitable for me to spend the rest of my life with him. I found; our thinking, perception and outlook are totally different from each other.

Daniel who is older and double in age to Malcolm possesses not only maturity but also a sense of belonging. I took very little time to decide the path on which the journey of my life should continue. I found that my passion, follows the logic in unison, and I got married to Daniel.

I know people must be debating merits and demerits of the age factor and its repercussions. Yes, people forget that all decisions are not taken by keeping end in mind; otherwise, the whole world's scenario would have been different. Still, I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that life is not myopic in its outlook. I do not regret my decision; however, I feel sorry for the inconvenience to all of you. I sincerely apologize for the same.

Thanks and Bye,


There was a pin drop silence in the beginning but followed by murmuring. The guests left the scene in rapid succession barring a few. Helen's parents were totally lost and failed to gauge reasons for Helen's change of heart and mind. Malcolm's parents were feeling miserable and insulted; Malcolm was furious yet helpless.

Edward approached Helen's parents and said that nature takes its own course to streamline many unsettle issues. Helen will be fine and you both take care and have patience. Everybody departed, and serenity engulfed the whole place.

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